Success Stories

This summer, State Printing and Central Mail Services was faced with a challenging task. The team was asked to print hundreds of thousands of birth and death certificates for Department of Health and Senior Services satellite offices around the state — all on an extremely tight deadline.

Normally, they have a month to complete the job. The team was given 10 days.

Known for its ability to get the job done, State Printing team members pulled together and kicked it into high gear. They worked 12 to 14-hour days during the work week and up to 10-hour shifts on the weekend.

Through their hard work, dedication, and a do-whatever-it-takes mentality, the team printed about 250,000 birth certificates and 224,000 death certificates. Not only did the team complete the job on time, but they did so a day ahead of the deadline.
While this was an extraordinary example, it is consistent with State Printing’s record for reliability in fulfilling all orders — no matter how big or small.

Printing the birth and death certificates this year was a unique challenge, but State Printing is no stranger to quick turnarounds in a deadline-driven environment.

“We have a phenomenal team that will go above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of. We are deadline driven. Everything is about deadlines and dates, when people have to have their orders fulfilled,” said Jason Jimenez, assistant manager for State Printing and Central Mail Services. “Our customers don’t move a conference, they don’t move a meeting because we don’t have something done. It’s up to us to hit those dates and those times.”

The State Printing Team was the recipient of the OA CARES Team Award for September 2019 for its outstanding work on another project. Dan Mustoe, manager of State Printing and Central Mail Services, and the State Printing Team were nominated for the award for their timely assistance fulfilling printing needs to another state agency.

The State Printing Team recently took on an unexpected and urgent need to expedite an error that had been sent out in an initial notice. The team was quick to understand the importance of this notice and worked tirelessly to make this their top priority and get it postmarked by the required date.

The team’s commitment had colleagues covering long hours to get this high-volume order completed in time. Without their assistance and diligent work, the agency would not have met its deadline.

Thank you to State Printing for its continuous hard work, dedication, and reliability!