OA offers support, services, and solutions to agencies throughout state government as well as the citizens of Missouri. Because of this, customer experience must be a top priority for all OA team members.

When we do our jobs right, other departments can better fulfill their missions and we ultimately serve the citizens of Missouri better. At OA, public service and customer experience are at the heart of everything we do.

That means living out the core values of OA CARES: Communication, Adaptive, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-driven. These are the values and principles that will drive OA’s customer service for the future. OA CARES is key to the success of OA and state government.

OA CARES helps keep both customer service and public service at the forefront for OA team members. This initiative is all about finding ways to improve the customer experience and then, putting it into daily practice. We want our customers to have a seamless experience when they come to us for assistance.

Mission & Vision

OA CARES Mission: We are committed to ensuring that every person has an excellent customer experience with OA. Our customers are respected, and their encounters with our services should consistently be positive and professional. We endeavor to delight our customers by proactively providing solutions that assist them in accomplishing their core missions.

OA CARES about our customers!

OA Vision: Excellent customer service, every time.