March 2023

Chenoa Williams, Senior Accounts Assistant

Division: Accounting

Chenoa was nominated for always going above and beyond to help others day in and day out. Recently, CARO had to deal with several circumstances out of their control. The team received a stipulation for settlement with only two days to be processed before they would have to pay interest on the settlement amount. Processing had to be rushed and, unfortunately, the recipient of the settlement was not active in SAM II. They needed to be in there immediately. The team directly reached out to Chenoa, who didn’t hesitate to help.

She was nominated by Heather McClure for completing everything CARO needed in a timely manner, then further assisting McClure and answering her questions. Chenoa not only went out of her way to help the team, but she did so in a meticulous manner to make sure everything went as planned.

“I would just like to thank Chenoa for all of her help, relieving some of my stress and anxiety in the situation, and saving the State of Missouri and our tax payer dollars by taking the time to get this task completed so quickly,” said McClure. “Thank you so much.”

Congratulations, Chenoa!

Marcy Parrish, Agency Budget Analyst

Division: ITSD

Marcy was nominated for her hand in helping several departments with their ETA processes. With the implementation of ERP, there was a need to have a Division of Personnel team member project code their time in ETA. Marcy helped the team set up the needed projects in SAM II. Later, there was also a need for a Budget & Planning team member to project code their time. This was a new process for that division as well, and Marcy did not hesitate to assist.

She was nominated by Jennifer Heinkel for her willingness to help, her positive attitude, and her excellent communication throughout the whole process. She talked to both divisions during the process, letting the teams know what was going on and the steps she took to create a solution to the issue.

“I'm glad we can count on an expert like Marcy who is willing to help out fellow divisions!” said Heinkel.

Congratulations, Marcy!

Amanda Shewmaker, Designated Principal Assistant Supervisor

Division: Commissioner’s Office

Amanda was nominated for going above and beyond to support OA team members. This is an everyday thing for her. Whenever you see Amanda, she is always in the process of making something better or working to help others in OA. Recently, she went above and beyond to help put together the OA Strikers team event. She also always does what she can to make sure people are cared for.

She was nominated by Alyssa Bish for her friendly personality, her hard work, and her caring attitude. When Bish took over as the Director of Personnel, Amanda worked to personally onboard Bish including helping her learn the ropes and make sure she had access to everything she would need.

“Amanda radiates positivity and is always there to help to ensure success,” said Bish. “We could not be team OA without her!”

Congratulations, Amanda!

February 2023

Joshua Clark, Network Infrastructure Tech

Division: ITSD

Joshua was nominated for the type of worker he is. Not only is he dedicated to his role, but he is always willing to help others the moment he sees they are in need. He always drops everything when called. Josh has configured numerous switches and AP's and shipped to the field for replacement. His attention to detail has made swapping out network equipment a painless experience. He makes everyone look good.

He was nominated by both Jerome Redding and Betty Skelton. Josh was the real hero recently for a DOC probation satellite office that struggled for years with a pitiful internet connection and no printing capability, often having to use their cell phone hotspots. When the first options were shot down due to cost, Josh came up with a plan B at a lower cost, coordinated everything with the ISP, shipped a router and switch ready to plug in, and worked again with the ISP when there was a glitch on their end during the install.

“Josh was a vital part of making that happen from listening to the initial complaints, researching options, configuring equipment, on down to the day we flipped the switch. Josh's work shows that OA really does care!”

Congratulations, Joshua!

Amy Raymo, Procurement Supervisor

Division: Purchasing

Amy was nominated for her willingness to always help others. She is the ultimate team player. When team members have questions, she is often the one they go to. Along with being a wealth of knowledge, Amy is the perfect person to help train new team members. She is kind, patient, and incredibly helpful.

She was nominated for her help with teaching Amanda Wilber the ins and outs of her new position. Wilber says that Amy is more than helpful to answer all of her questions, and is always willing to sit with her and go through various tasks as Wilber continues to learn.

“She has also been patient with me as I'm trying to learn everything, rather than acting annoyed or inconvenienced. I can't explain how much I've appreciated her!” said Wilber.

Congratulations, Amy!

Bridget Eaton, Executive Assistant

Division: Personnel

Bridget was nominated for her excellent communication, which is one of the pillars of the Office of Administration. Not only is it the first word in "CARES", but it is also a goal that many team members hope to achieve. Bridget achieves this every single day. Most recently, she was an integral part of communication during the DOP remodel. She organized, communicated, and went above and beyond to make sure team members felt comfortable and in the loop with what was going on.

She was nominated by an anonymous team member for exemplifying all of the OA CARES core values of communication, adaptive, reliable, expert, and solution-driven. Bridget is both excellent as a worker and as a team member, as a whole.

“Everyone from our contractors to the janitorial staff was treated with respect,” the team member said. “She did her best to ensure minimal disruption for her team by being adaptive to the tasks ahead.”

Congratulations, Bridget!

FMDC Capital Team

There are many reasons while Paul Ridenour's Capitol FMDC crew comes to mind when one thinks of OA CARES. However, this team, plus Brad Berendzen, Zach Russell and Leslie Wolfe were nominated thanks to all of the work they did in regards to the recent updates in the building. Specifically, the carpet and paint update and the kitchenette installation.

This team was nominated by Jessica Farley thanks to their hard work and can-do attitude of each and every team member. Not only was the team supportive of listening to ideas of those in the building, but they were also always open and willing to giving advice on the subject matter.

“Paul's team worked with us to reconfigure our workstation by giving us knowledgeable advice and a can-do approach on our ideas along with their expertise in doing the installation,” said Farley. “With their advice, we were able to also update our kitchenette. We are so pleased with the total results!”

Congratulations, FMDC Capital Team!

January 2023

Melody Reichel, Principal Business Project Manager

Division: Commissioner's Office

Melody was nominated simply for the kind of person she is. In more ways than one, she is an excellent all-around person, friend, and teammate. No one can ever be in a conversation with Melody without her giving out kudos or praise to someone else and their successes or how they have helped her. However, it is not talked about enough how much she helps others. Not only does she work hard in her day-to-day job, but she is always the first person to boost up a teammate.

She was nominated by an anonymous person, but that just shows everyone how much she is loved in the department. Not only will she always make time for someone, but she will actively listen and is always willing to provide honest feedback in a respectful way.

“I have never met another person who has done so much to help others shine!” the nominator said.

Congratulations, Melody!

Laura Adamik, Administrative Support Assistant Supervisor

Division: General Services

Laura was nominated for her ongoing hard work and reliability. Not only does she always know even the smallest aspect of her job, but she is always willing to help others who need it and become an expert overnight.

The MSECC is a one-person program, which means that during the campaign season when pledge cards are coming in, Leah Strid can get swamped. This year, many departments opted to return to paper pledge cards, which require more manual data entry. Laura Adamik stepped up and volunteered to help, which freed up Strid's time to attend to other important campaign business. Laura quickly learned to navigate the MSECC application and how to enter the required data, and was able to flag small issues for Strid's attention so they could be addressed.

“Her assistance helped me provide more up-to-date campaign numbers throughout the fall to make sure Departments knew where they stood in the rankings,” said Strid.

Congratulations, Laura!

Timmy Collins, Specialized Trades Manager Supervisor

Division: FMDC

Timmy was nominated for his selfless act of helping the Department of Social Services - Division of Youth Services (DYS) team on Christmas Eve. Around 4 p.m. that evening, the department received a call that there was a water leak and a flooding dorm at the Riverbend Treatment Center in St. Louis. Tim lived only 5 minutes away. Despite his son and grandchildren recently arriving to his house, Tim assisted with the situation.

He was nominated by Matthew Hursman. Timmy's quick response time saved DYS issues with flooding and clients and FMDC with a bigger cleanup bill. Thanks to his efforts, DYS was able to ensure the safety of students and staff and FMDC's repair bill was a lot smaller.

“This goes to show Tim's dedication and serve to the state and its agencies,” said Hursman. “He could have easily let me respond since he is upper management. He took time away from his family on Christmas Eve and helped DYS and his staff.”

Congratulations, Timmy!

December 2022

Robert Crabill, Applications Developer

Division: ITSD

Robert was nominated thanks to his help with the iTrack Reverification process. He took it upon himself to streamline the process, which had previously been a manual, laborious, time-consuming task. With Robert's improvements to the system it is a matter of scheduling the process through a calendar type setting.

He was nominated by Sherri Holland for going above and beyond his normal duties in order to help our state team members. Robert saw a need for improvement and got to work. Instead of two I.C. staff going through multiple screens in iTrack, then timing and making sure it was successful, Robert made it so the department only has to schedule the reverification and click 'Save'.

“I cannot thank Robert enough for empowering the I.C. staff in working more efficiently,” said Holland. “We now have an even better tool for this required process of iTrack Reverification leading into the annual 5 Year Refresh.”

Congratulations, Robert!

Jerome Redding, Client Support Tech

Division: ITSD

Jerome was nominated for his hard work, prompt response time, and knowledge of all things ITSD. Most recently, the printer for one of the DOC departments went out. This was a very important issue, as the department frequently uses the printer for several aspects of their daily work. The IT report for the printer had been turned in at 2:45, and by the time it was 3:30 Jerome had already solved the problem.

He was nominated by Libby Martin, Kim Cherry, and Donna Rick thanks to his willingness to always help others and his ability to lead by following the example of “excellent customer service, every time.”

“Jerome has always been helpful when needed,” said Cherry. “His work ethics has been impeccable and very professional.”

Congratulations, Jerome!

Morgan Strong, Client Support Tech

Division: ITSD

Morgan was nominated because of his excellent job knowledge, as well as his willingness to always help others. On 7/1/2022, Lauren Johns' HR team was preparing for new hire orientation, but they were running into technical difficulties. One of the DOP team members contacted Morgan and he immediately showed up to address the situation. Part of the team member experience is having a good onboarding and orientation experience. The DOP team was worried that this technology issue would negatively affect our new team members' experience, but Morgan kept that from happening.

He was nominated by Johns and an anonymous person thanks to his work ethic, and his ability to exemplify every single OA CARES core value: Communication, Adaptable, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-driven.

“I believe Morgan truly cares about getting the job done well and taking care of his fellow OA team members,” said the anonymous team member.

Congratulations, Morgan!

Fletcher Daniels ITSD and FMDC Teams

Division: ITSD and FMDC

On October 7th, the Fletcher Daniels State Office Building had a water main break outside the building. FMDC Staff Gerald White and Sabrina Mack cleared the area of staff and tried to keep as much water out of the building as possible. ITSD team member, Dan Jones, ran through a few inches of water to grab a user's laptop just before a window broke, flooding the office suite. FMDC staff Jamie Fergison starting making calls for repairs, while Fletcher Daniels Housekeeper Edward Nichols pushed gallons of water down the hall and stairs to a floor drain in the basement for hours to keep the water away from other suites.

Once the area was deemed safe to enter, ITSD staff Nicholas Ogbevoen, Pius Omeife and Daniel Jones arrived to remove all equipment from the area while FMDC staff Gerald White, Sabrina Mack and Matthew Hursman packed up staff member's personal belongings so could begin cleanup. In a very short amount of time the area was emptied and demo started in this office suite. Over the holiday weekend, several FMDC team members onsite so Servpro could have access to the building to continue cleanup. By October 11, a temporary location was set up.

Thank you to Gerald White, Sabrina Mack, Dan Jones, Jamie Ferguson, Nicholas Ogbevoen, Pius Omeife, Matthew Hursman, Joe Cisewski, Tiffany Boyles, Steven Mahnken, and Nathan Ethridge!

November 2022

Bailey Allen, Senior Accounts Assistant

Division: Accounting

Bailey was nominated for going above and beyond in her daily work. Recently, the State Recycling Program had a discrepancy with a contractor over a couple of invoices. The invoices had been paid, but the contractor's records did not reflect that these had been paid. After going back and forth with the contractor, Rob Didriksen reached out to the Missouri Buys team for assistance. Bailey promptly responded with a clear explanation of the problem. Bailey then sent a separate email to the contractor explaining the problem and how they could fix it.

She was nominated by Didriksen for exemplifying the OA CARES core values of communication, adaptive, reliable, expert, and solution-driven.

“Bailey took ownership of the problem and quickly informed each of the stakeholders about the problem and how to fix it,” said Didriksen. “I appreciate the great customer service!”

Congratulations, Bailey!

Jennie Rees, Procurement Supervisor

Division: Purchasing

Jennie was nominated for constantly being willing to provide solutions to ongoing problems, as well as new ones. With the pricing instability in the auto industry, General Services’ traditional vehicle contracting mechanisms are not working right now. State agencies need a reliable contract to acquire fleet vehicles. Jennie and her colleagues in the Division of Purchasing came through in a big way and offered up a solution to use a Qualified Vendor List that will give all state agencies the flexibility they need to acquire vehicles until such time that the auto industry stabilizes and General Services can return to regular annual contracts.

She was nominated by Cindy Dixon for her amazing attitude, excellent customer service, and the hard work she put in to finding a solution.

“Jennie exhibited all of the OA CARES core values to bring us a new solution and worked diligently until to get it done in a timely manner,” said Dixon. “The team in General Services greatly appreciates all of Jennie's efforts. Thank you!”

Congratulations, Jennie!

Nathan Savich, Network Infrastructure Specialist

Division: ITSD

Nathan was nominated for his hard work and reliability each and every day. Recently, Mental Health was working to bring in a cloud-based electronic health record system to transition away from paper charting. It was one of the largest transformative projects the agency has undertaken. To pave the way for the project, the team has been working to upgrade infrastructure. They are installing over 1100 wireless access points across 15 different campuses. Nate has worked tirelessly, often delaying other tasks, to make site visits, create predictive designs, provide expert advice, push through purchases, pivot to new facilities, and stay in constant communication to keep the project moving forward.

He was nominated by Mike Moran for the major help he has been on the project, as well as his excellent organizational skills.

“It’s not easy juggling all the tasks but Nate always does so with a smile,” said Moran. “He truly shows he cares every time he picks up a project.”

Congratulations, Nathan!

October 2022

Casey Claunch, Client Support Tech

Division: ITSD

Casey was nominated because he is always quick to respond to others when they need his help. He is always prompt and polite while he works. But he also engages the people around him while he works, making them feel like humans. A number of times, MVDL Division office has needed something done in a hurry and was never able to get an answer on who was working on our tickets. They would call Casey for help and he was always able to either provide information or help with issues.

He was nominated by Felicite Plemmons, Amanda Morris, and Candace Buford of DOR thanks to his excellent work ethic.

“We just wanted to say thank you to Casey for always helping us out,” said Buford.

Congratulations, Casey!

Nathan Jacober, Customer Service Rep

Division: General Services

Nathan was nominated for always going above and beyond in his work. Most recently, he worked to obtain cost-effective items for the Division of Personnel. This required talking to many different people, while trying to obtain everything on a tight budget. This is not only difficult, but time consuming.

He was nominated by Rebecca Bondurant due to his hard work and excellent attitude every single day.

“Nathan is the employee that represents the values of OA Cares,” said Bondurant.

Congratulations, Nathan!

Dipendra Paudel, Business Analysis

Division: ITSD

Dipendra was nominated for his constant great attitude at work and his ability to always put a smile on everyone’s face. He is the person many people refer to as dependable and excellent at what they do. Dipendra has fully committed to ITSD-DESE this past year and learned the skills that a technical BA must have to support this large database workload, which shows he is adaptable. He took on learning this while still completing his regular duties, then trained other staff so that we had a bench of employees to be able to do the work.

He was nominated by Angie Anderson for truly exemplifying the OA CARES values of Communication, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-Driven.

“Every month, I ask employees to submit Kudos for their team members for our monthly all staff meeting, and each month Dipendra's name is on that list,” said Anderson.

Congratulations, Dipendra!

Surplus Property Team

The Surplus Property Team was nominated for a variety of reasons, including excellent communication, knowledge of their job, and excellent work. Recently, Brenda Luadzers began to work with the computerized system of surplus property. Brenda worked with several team members to become familiarized. Not only was the team helpful, but they were quick to respond and always happy to help.

The Surplus Property Team was nominated by Luadzers for being great examples of the ideal OA team members.

“I am impressed with the staff. They got me started immediately, answered my questions right away, and the items they had on hand were organized and easily accessible,” said Luadzers. “They made this process simple and quick for me.”

Congratulations, Surplus Property Team!

September 2022

Kelly Miller, Procurement Specialist

Division: Purchasing

Kelly was nominated thanks to her work with several complicated and somewhat “messy” procurements, and numerous simple ones, for the SOS Office. Besides an obviously cast-iron work ethic, she seems to have a genuine aptitude for the complex, and often frustrating, work of public procurement. Most importantly, she understands customer service.

She was nominated by John Stegmann for her professionalism and calmness under fire. Not only is she excellent at her job, but she is always patient with her customers.

“Any work can be learned, but a patient demeanor and a servant’s heart are innate and rare,” said Stegmann. “I believe if there is an individual deserving of an OA Cares award for excellent customer service, it is most certainly Kelly Miller of OA Purchasing.”

Congratulations, Kelly!

Amanda Woody, Senior Staff Development Training

Division: Personnel

Amanda was nominated thanks to her hard work and dedication every single day. Recently, she directed and executed the first ever OA Supervisor foundations trainings for 380 supervisors. Using OA QPS data and focus groups, she identified specific leadership training supervisors were wanting. She created a leadership summit covering Coaching and Mentoring, Preventing Harassment, and Respecting Diversity, as well as curated content/coordinated speakers for several virtual trainings.

She was nominated by Alyssa Bish due to the tremendous effort she put in to this event. It was wildly successful and popular amongst many OA supervisors!

“Thank you Amanda for thinking outside the box on how to invest in our team, improve communication between supervisors and team members, and create a better working environment!” said Bish. “I couldn't be more proud of Amanda for her above and beyond work and positive attitude. We are lucky to have her on team DOP!”

Congratulations, Amanda!

Bonita Weber-Vaught, Project Management

Division: ITSD

Bonita was nominated for her work ethic and knowledge when it comes to all aspects of her job. . If the team works late, she works late. When working on a project, Bonita takes charge. She is always willing to go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis.

She was nominated by Devon Christensen and Angela Anderson for giving 150 percent all the time. If a problem is detected in a project, Bonita can look back at her notes and point to the step that created the issue. She shares her notes with the team so they can also track the progress of the project, and they are on display at every meeting.

“Expert is an understatement when it comes to Bonita's knowledge of DESE's application. She has even taken on the role of putting together architecture documentation because it had to be done and she knows the most about the systems,” said Anderson. “What she doesn't know she goes in search of and doesn't stop until she gets there.”

Congratulations, Bonita!

August 2022

Garrett Bommel, Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor

Division: FMDC

Garrett Bommel was nominated because of his excellent dedication to always giving his customers a good experience. He often helps with setup of audio and visuals in a variety of rooms when people are presenting, and he and his team have always worked hard to do it in a precise and timely manner.

He was nominated by George Welling for being kind and easy to work with, while also always being efficient. Recently, he went above and beyond to help out with finding a solution for equipment during a weekly intern meeting when nothing worked - he tore it down and reworked everything!

“I appreciate him, and his willingness to find a resolution so I was then able to present it to ITSD's Interns,” said Welling.

Congratulations, Garrett!

Chris Moreland, Public Information Officer

Division: Commissioner’s Office

Chris was nominated thanks to everything he has done for the people of OA. Recently, he worked to make sure everyone had an excellent Team Member Appreciation Month. He planned and coordinated food truck opportunities, and found solutions so people outside of Jefferson City could enjoy many activities as well.

He was nominated by an anonymous person who wanted to show their support for someone who is often behind the scenes, but deserves recognition.

“He was vocal about showing appreciation to team members outside of Jefferson City and made it a priority to find ways to expand the activities. Because he is consistently behind the camera he is not often ‘seen,’ but behind the scenes stuff isn't easy, and he does a great job executing events seamlessly.”

Congratulations, Chris!

Melissa Sackett, Procurement Analyst

Division: Purchasing

Melissa was nominated for her hard work and dedication when it comes to helping others. Recently, she was helping Rob Didriksen to establish a contract to purchase recycling equipment. Throughout the entire process, she communicated regularly about the status of the contract.

She was nominated by Rob Didriksen for her excellent customer service and willingness to share her knowledge with others. She shared her procurement expertise to help determine the most efficient path to setting up a contract.

“We were able to utilize an existing contract through Sourcewell, which saved a great deal of time!” said Didriksen.

Congratulations, Melissa!

OA Personnel/ITSD/B&P Cross-Divisional Team on the Pay Plan

The OA Personnel/ITSD/B&P Cross-Divisional Team on the Pay plan was nominated for the hard work that went into making the historic supplemental pay plan happen. The effort of everyone involved lead to meaningful impact for all 50,000 state team members across all 16 executive branch departments, the six statewide elected officials’ offices, as well as the legislative and judicial branches of state government.

Weekends and late nights were worked to ensure everyone had timely feedback and didn't have to troubleshoot issues themselves. Not only did this work impact all 50,000 state team members, but all involved exemplified the core OA values day-in and day-out.

“Communication was timely with all customers, individuals adapted their own schedules and work approach to accommodate the various needs of departments/branches, they were reliable where no balls were dropped in their regular duties in addition to pay plan implementation, they were experts doing something that had never been done before with no blue print, and they were solution focused when they hit obstacles.”

Congratulations OA Personnel/ITSD/B&P Cross-Divisional Team on the Pay Plan!

July 2022

Carla Case, Applications Developer

Division: ITSD

Carla was nominated for her reliability and expertise. She always responds in a timely manner and constantly exceeds expectations. Recently, she worked with DOLIR on a project that she assured could be done in about a week's timeframe. She came to the DOLIR building to work with staff members and completed the project in the short time period.

She was nominated by Maura Browning for her hard work and efforts to help the DOLIR team on an important project.

“She came through in the clutch and I appreciated her great attitude and willingness to work with us,” said Browning.

Congratulations, Carla!

Chris Lozuaway, Procurement specialist

Division: Purchasing

Chris was nominated for his expertise in all areas of his job. He is the go-to person for many people when they have questions concerning various aspects of the procurement process. He is always friendly and open to giving team members and customers the answers they seek.

He was nominated by Tiffanie Meyer for his willingness to always teach others. He never minds taking a moment to pause what he is doing, share his screen, and help someone learn.

“Chris will drop what he's doing, share his screen, show you what you asked about, then show you even more options that you didn't know about, and follow up with an email with the links he described to you,” said Meyer.

Congratulations, Chris!

Julie Schlup, Staff Development Training Specialist

Division: Personnel

Julie was nominated by multiple people for her outstanding work. Recently, she made the Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity Ceremony look effortless, despite the very complicated process involved in putting it together. She also provides immense support for the Missouri Leadership Academy and the Governor's Awards and Recognition Program.

She was nominated by both Karen Miller and Alyssa Bish for all of her hard work, and excellent work ethic.

“In June alone Julie has orchestrated 2 classes of leadership academy, 2 statewide awards ceremonies, she will be presenting a live virtual training on recognition, and she oversaw the implementation of the MO Appreciation website,” said Bish. “Julie does all of her work with a smile and makes it all look effortless.”

Congratulations, Julie!

June 2022

Roberta Burns, Custodial Supervisor

Division: FMDC

Roberta “Bobbie” burns was nominated for exemplifying the OA CARES core values on a daily basis. To name just a few, she has continued to communicate clearly and effectively with all of the janitorial contractors, had dealt impressively with an ever-changing schedule and adapting to it, and she is the epitome of expertise.

Bobbie was nominated by her supervisor Amber Willis for being a fantastic employee who is always willing to help others.

“Bobbie is by far the epitome of what a Custodial Supervisor should be,” said Willis. “She is an expert at her job and is highly valued as a mentor by her peers and supervisors.”

Congratulations, Bobbie!

Tim Cavender, Systems Administration Tech

Division: ITSD

Tim was nominated for his hard work and expertise in all areas of his job. Not only does he have excellent customer service, but he works hard to make sure that everything is completed in a timely manner.

He was nominated by George Welling, after Welling needed help with a ticket. Tim fulfilled it in a timely manner, as well as provided Welling with several backups for his lost item.

“I am not sure what Tim's title was, but now it is Wizard,” Welling said. “He needs a purple wizard hat with moons on it now.”

Congratulations, Tim!

Tiffanie Meyer, Procurement Specialist

Division: ITSD

Tiffanie was nominated for her excellent customer service. Recently, Rob Didriksen reached out to her regarding an IT-related procurement. Not only did she respond quickly on a Friday afternoon, but she also spent thirty minutes on the phone to address Didriksen’s questions.

Didriksen nominated her thanks to her hard work and great attitude. She is always willing to help, even when it is close to the end of the day. She always puts others first and is incredibly knowledgeable.

“Her professionalism and helpful attitude exemplify the OA Cares spirit!” said Didriksen.

Congratulations, Tiffanie!

Surplus Property Team (Edward Lang, DJ Schwartz, Ernie Rademann, and Stephanie Woodruff)

Division: General Services

The Surplus Property Team was nominated for their constant hard work. The team helps out organization around the state every year. However, the team went beyond their regular duties this year in helping out the homeless in Springfield and St. Louis.

While operating the Federal Donation Program, MOSASP obtains property from around the country, which is then brought to Missouri and transferred for minimal fees. New Life Evangelistic Center, an organization that feeds and provides items for the homeless, is an organization that utilizes Surplus Property. When needing sleeping bags, coats, scarves, and tents, the team at Surplus was able to search around the United States for surplus items and bring them back so that New Life was able to use these items to help those less fortunate. Hundreds of people have benefited from this act as the team used their resources to help those most vulnerable. Furthermore, two team members went down to Springfield to help hand out these items, which were graciously and humbly received.

Congratulations, Surplus Property Team!

May 2022

Melissa Mathis, Real Estate/Office Space Coordinator

Division: FMDC

Melissa was nominated for her reliability and always going above and beyond to make herself available. Recently, she has even made herself available on vacation days and days where she has taken personal vacation.

She was nominated by Mike Zielinski for her hard work and willingness to always put others before herself.

“We recently had to let our staff work from home because of the odor from the epoxy on the flooring,” said Zielinski. “Melissa helped mitigate with the flooring provider to make sure the next bathroom didn't release this odor. This allowed our staff to work in the office.”

Congratulations, Melissa!

Leann Meyer, Human Resources Consultant

Division: Personnel

Leann was nominated for being the go-to person for the Administrative Hearing Commission on all matters related to HR or Personnel. She has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, going above and beyond to teach others about how to do things in her area of expertise. She always acts professionally and responds in a timely manner.

She was nominated by Spencer Bartlett for exemplifying the OA CARES core values.

“I don't know how we would have survived and operated efficiently without LeAnn's support and guidance,” said Bartlett. “She is a trusted teammate and we appreciate all that she does for us.”

Congratulations, Leann!

Glynne Dee Strube, Senior Business Analyst

Division: ITSD

Glynne was nominated for her help on a recent merger during a DOC reorganization project. It has been a major undertaking and Glynne has played a huge part in making sure everything runs smoothly. She has been the ITSD facilitator for all of the recent mergers. Each and every time, she walks the staff through the process and ensures everything is completed properly and in a timely manner.

She was nominated by John Mosley for her strong work ethic and excellent customer service.

“Ms. Strube's dedication, attention to detail, and unwavering customer service through this journey has been more than we could ever have expected,” said Mosley. “It is my sincere hope Ms. Strube be recognized for her contributions and service.”

Congratulations, Glynne!

April 2022

Lori Libbert, Associate Applications Developer

Division: ITSD

Lori was nominated for her excellent customer service. She is always friendly, responsive, and helpful when interacting with people. She is even patient when customers have questions. Recently, she helped migrate the MSECC website to WordPress.

She was nominated by Leah Strid for her help with the MSECC website and her patience and reliability while working on the project.

“Not only does she fix problems, but she always explains how they happened and how I can fix them myself in the future,” Strid said. “When I email Lori with a problem, I know I can rely on her to provide a solution quickly, no matter how small or large the issue is.”

Congratulations, Lori!

Mike Backes, Data Specialist

Division: ITSD

Mike was nominated for above and beyond work to reach out and help when needed. Recently, Jessica Farley took a position in B&P involving dealing with SAM II security forms. When she submitted a request for a new user for SAM II, Mike reached out and explained how the ID system works, as well as RACF IDs and what steps needed to be taken.

He was nominated by Farley for being the perfect example of the OA CARES core values of Communication, Adaptive, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-Driven. He was both incredibly knowledgeable and communication-driven while helping Farley.

“He gave me more information on security IDs in one day than I have gotten in 5 years,” said Farley. “He took time to not simply answer my questions but also look outside my question and help me clean up outstanding issues I was not aware of that existed for our agency. Because of the time he took with me, I feel much more confident in my role with SAMII security forms for our staff.”

Congratulations, Mike!

Anthony Sale, Accounts Assistant

Division: Accounting

Anthony was nominated for demonstrating the core values of OA CARES: Communication, Adaptive, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-Driven. Though being a fairly new team member, he has continued to show his reliability. Most recently, he reached out to a vendor to verify information to change banking information. While in communication, he realized the request may have been fraudulent and reported it.

He was nominated by his supervisor Justina Brewer for his excellent communication and reliability when following OA protocol.

“Anthony’s reliability in following procedures, and his communication with the vendor to make sure we have correct information for that vendor, demonstrates he is a valuable member of our team,” said Brewer.

Congratulations, Anthony!

ITSD Video Team (Samuel Swoboda, Nanchang Lamde, Marshall Franks, Rose Bryan)

Division: ITSD

The ITSD video team was nominated for its constant high performance while serving all state agencies and the Governor’s Office. Despite being a small team, they work as if they are made up of dozens.  They often get requests, including from the Governor's Office with minimal notice. They quickly adapt their schedules and show up anywhere, anytime whether that's days, nights, or weekends.

They were nominated by Sara Libbert for their reliability and constant quality work.

“They are truly experts in their area, providing quality expertise to not only the Governor's Office but to all state agency requests,” said Libbert. “Their commitment to excellence is truly admirable. Internally, they often provide quality video expertise to OA and ITSD. We love having this team and their expertise to help us promote initiatives and new ideas.”

Congratulations, ITSD Video Team!

March 2022

Brandon Fisher, Systems Administration Specialist

Division: ITSD

Brandon was nominated for his quick and reliable work. He is always responsive when requests are submitted, and always makes sure his work is accurate and precise. He exemplifies the OA CARES values, specifically “reliable” and “expert.”

He was nominated by Liz McDermit, AJ Womack, and the ITSD admin team for his excellent customer service.

“Brandon is timely, reliable and accurate,” said one of his nominators. “I am given a multitude of request from leadership across all state agencies to be given access to the many dashboards that Personnel generates. Leaders are expecting quick turnaround and I know if I ask Brandon for help he will quickly and reliably grant access.”

Congratulations, Brandon!

Michael Murphy, Client Support Professional

Division: ITSD

Michael was nominated for exemplifying the OA CARES core values of Communication, Adaptive, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-Driven. He is always in constant communication with those he is working with and is flexible to accommodate others’ needs. Not only is he well-versed in all of the tasks he does, but he goes above and beyond to reach solutions when needed.

He was nominated by Tynesha Hardin for his excellent communication and customer service.

“Not only does he find solutions to our issues quickly, he even teaches us while doing it,” said Hardin. “He explains how he will fix our issue, what he needs from me to get it done, and explains a little more in detail to me—knowing I was interested.”

Congratulations, Michael!

Betty Skelton, Client Support Technician

Division: ITSD

Betty was nominated for going above and beyond her normal duties to help others. Recently, she has helped with the Stoddard County Probation Office merger, aiding in computer issues and other tech issues that came up. She has also helped team members with phone issues when they needed to work from home during inclement weather.

She was nominated by Roxanne Cook and Tcheanina Watkins for her excellent customer service and timely responses.

“I called our IT Help Desk and they attempted to help me, but said they couldn't do anything unless I went to the office,” said one of the nominators. “Our supervisor sent an email to Betty asking her to call my personal cell phone to see if she could help me. She called in a very timely manner and was so helpful. She went through all the possibilities and was so nice. She never once made me feel like it was my lack of knowledge and broke things down simple so I could do what needed to be done.”

Congratulations, Betty!

February 2022

Nicole Klatt, Network Infrastructure Technician

Division: ITSD

Nicole was nominated for her willingness to always go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. She is always the first to jump in when it comes to projects, specifically hiccups involving getting new employees set up. She finds the solutions quickly and accurately.

She was nominated by Nikki Roark for all of her help. Nikki is a member of the admin team for ITSD, which has taken over the new team member set up process. Because of the new hiring changes, there has been frequent issues that Nicole always helps with.

“She doesn't ever seem to be overwhelmed by the constant chaos of our demanding needs for things to happen ‘right now’ and she does it with a smile every single time!” said Roark. “Our team is very grateful for her positive attitude and all of her hard work!”

Congratulations, Nicole!

Mike Moran, Senior Project Manager

Division: ITSD

Mike was nominated for his constant hard work and problem solving. He never stops when there is a problem to be fixed. Recently, there was a hiccup with the Time Clock Plus, causing SAM II to reject 80% of the DMH Facilities CPER file. This meant staff would not get paid if the issue was not resolved before SAM II went down for monthly payroll processing. Mike quickly researched the issue and found that TCP included three days from the prior payroll period on the current file, so SAM II rejected those transactions. He ended up manually updating the files.

He was nominated by Cynthia Hassler for exemplifying the OA CARES values every day.

“When it comes to serving DMH, Mike Moran’s middle name is CARES. He repeatedly works to make sure that DMH staff have what they need and that their processes work,” said Hassler.

Congratulations, Mike!

Donna Verslues, Human Resources Consultant

Division: Personnel

Donna was nominated for her excellent customer service. She is always ready to help when needed, and always has a smile on her face. Recently, she worked on a critical payroll issue that had occurred. In the matter of an hour of learning about the problem, she had details and ideas to help remedy the situation.

Donna was nominated by both Lee Hogue and George Welling for her constant availability, hard work, and great attitude.

“Donna is always willing to help in any way she can. She is a great example of more than one core value. Off the top of my head, C communication, always responding as quickly as she can. A adaptive by always being flexible to help her customers and tying to always improve. R reliable, knowing if and when I have an issue needing HR's help i can go to her and she will figure out a solution. Those are just a few.”

Congratulations, Donna!

January 2022

Lisa Bacon, Accountant

Division: Accounting

Lisa was nominated for her reliability. She is always available when needed, and constantly goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She exemplifies the OA CARES values of reliable and expert, as well as being solution-driven when needed.

She was nominated by Shelley Hughey for being the perfect example of OA CARES.

“She provides outstanding customer service!” said Hughey. “She always goes above and beyond to find the answer to my SAMII questions. Lisa is what all employees should strive to become.”

Congratulations, Lisa!

Andrew Zweifel, Client Support Professional

Division: ITSD

Andrew was nominated for his exceptional customer service. He has continued to excel in his customer service since OA CARES was even a thought. Recently, he helped an employee that had been approved to work remotely. He was contacted to help with finding a charger for the employee’s computer, and had solved the problem within an hour.

He was nominated by Aaron Stalter for his hard work and reliability.

“Andrew doesn't provide exceptional customer service for recognition or expecting a favor in return,” said Stalter. “He does this because he is just a flat-out good dude.”

Congratulations, Andrew!

Robert Harvey, Maintenance/Grounds Technician

Division: FMDC

Robert was nominated for his constant hard work and taking the initiative. Rob Didriksen was on the way to the Truman cafeteria and saw Robert digging through a paper recycling container in the fourth floor conference room area. Robert had taken the initiative to remove a large amount of nasty food waste from a luncheon that was hosted the day before. He noted there was food waste in the recycling container and then he did something about it.

Robert was nominated by Didriksen for taking the initiative and making sure the “buck stops here.”
“Contamination of recyclable materials is one of the top challenges we face with recycling and Robert solved this problem on the spot,” Said Didriksen. “His actions likely prevented over 200 pounds of paper from going to the landfill.”

Congratulations, Robert!

ITSD-Unified Communications Team (Alex Porter, Darcy Woerner, Matteline Falter), Infrastructure Specialists

Division: ITSD

The ITSD-Unified Communications Team was nominated for being a vital part of the DHSS hotline. Recently, the hotline has seen a large call volume after opening up vaccine registration. The team has helped to create an outbound caller and creative prompt system to help route callers to the correct region based on zip code.

The team was nominated by Lee Pearson for their vital work and constant willingness to help.

“They are vital assets to Missouri,” said Pearson.

Congratulations, ITSD-Unified Communications Team!

December 2021

Beth Gaydos, Client Support Tech


Beth was nominated for her hard work and reliability. When Alyssa Bish called two minutes before 5 p.m., Beth picked up and stayed on for about 45 minutes to help. This was all done on her personal time, as Beth’s shift was over. However, she continued to help until the problem was resolved despite not needing to.

She was nominated by Bish for the help given when it was needed and going above and beyond to do so.

“Beth was kind, made me feel as if I was the only person in the world who mattered, and was patient through the entire process,” said Bish. “I would not have been able to complete my work for the week without her help.”

Congratulations, Beth!

Robert Tripp, Applications Developer


Robert was nominated for exemplifying the OA CARES core values of expert and reliable, as well as his constant great attitude when helping others. He approaches every day with an attitude befitting of an OA CARES award winner. His customers not only love him, but he has constantly shown that he can adapt to the needs of others.

He was nominated by several people: Angie Anderson, Brenda Kissenger and Brenda Hentges.

“Robert's customers love him and for good reason,” said Anderson. “OA CARES is his everyday approach to interacting with them. With Microsoft Access's exit from existence coming very soon and the very intricate applications that Division of Labor Standards had built for them using Access databases years ago by a skilled coder and the very small budget that they work with, Robert has to be very adaptive and solution-driven to begin to move DLS off of access and to maintain what is already there while we work to move them off.”

Congratulations, Robert!

Amanda Braman, Administrative Support Professional

General Services

Amanda was nominated for her hard work and constantly being in good spirits. In addition to her primary duties, Amanda has been asked to provide backup support to other programs in the division. She has consistently provided outstanding support to numerous programs within the division. Teammates know when Amanda is asked to do something, she will get it done.

She was nominated by Rob Didriksen for her reliability.

“I know when I ask Amanda for assistance that it will get done and not require any follow up. When managing numerous projects it is really helpful to have this level of reliability,” said Didriksen. “Another of Amanda's great qualities is that she is not afraid to ask questions when she doesn't understand something. Asking questions is such an important part of communication that often gets overlooked.”

Congratulations, Amanda!

November 2021

Russell Blair, Systems Admin Specialist


Russell was nominated for his hard work and perseverance while trying to help customers and solving issues. Recently, he helped when various people were having their mainframe sessions drop after coming back from a break. He exhausted all of his troubleshooting steps and persevered to work with agency staff members to finally determine the issue.

Russell was nominated by David Statler for his excellent customer service.

“Russell has demonstrated time and again of going beyond his sphere of duty in order to help customers and solve issues,” said Statler.

Congratulations, Russell!

Lindsey Evers, Senior Applications Developer


Lindsey was nominated for her positive attitude and her knowledge at all things job-related. She is the perfect candidate for OA CARES. Her work is often detailed and requires a significant amount of coordination with different parties, all while completing it in a timely manner. A recent example is with the Kofax upgrades. Lindsey coordinated the build of the new server with SDC and worked with them to get the DB2 connections set up and tested, while also working with several others on the project.

She was nominated by Angie Anderson for her reliability and hard work on all projects she completes.

“Lindsey is the kind of team member that makes people happy to come to work. She knows her job so well,” said Anderson. “She is always happy to help and does her work so efficiently and quietly in the background it makes it look easy. It's not easy.”

Congratulations, Lindsey!

Nicoshia Roadruck, Administrative Manager


Nicoshia was nominated for being a primary support in planning an on-sire hiring event for the Division of Youth Services. Her job in aiding DSS has been instrumental, and she has consistently displayed OA CARES core values during her work. Not only has she been patient, professional, approachable and efficient, but she has quickly and accurately continued to address questions and needs.

She was nominated by both Courtney hall and Beverly Struemph for her hard work.

“While she has almost solely worked with Courtney Hall, I have heard Courtney share many positive remarks about Nicoshia's help,” said Struemph. “I had the opportunity to work directly with Nicoshia this week and could immediately identify what a wonderful asset she is. She was approachable, professional, helpful, and her focus was on addressing any challenges we faced. Nice work, nice reflection on OA and thank you for making our work easier.”

Congratulations, Nicoshia!

October 2021

Grayson Imhoff, Senior Risk Claims Specialist

General Services

Grayson was nominated for his hard work, reliability, and vast knowledge when working with team members. He has been working to develop a dashboard for Leah Strid’s agency coordinators to use throughout the MSECC campaign to track pledges from the agency employees. He has had great knowledge when using Tableau software, but has also continuously explored new options to find what is best suited for the campaign and its dashboards.

He was nominated by Strid for his excellent work and reliability.

“When he tells me an update will be made, I never have to worry, as he is reliable and dependable to a fault,” said Strid. “He has exceeded my expectations in terms of the services we are able to offer, and has been instrumental in assisting the MSECC continue to adapt to changing conditions.”

Congratulations, Grayson!

John Pippen, Senior Client Support Technician


John was nominated for going above and beyond to help Jessica Farley’s agency when they were scheduled for a computer refresh. Each laptop had specific software used within the office, as well as different uses. This was a project Farley had been dreading, as each laptop would have to be separately worked on. However, John took the time to make sure each laptop contained the software and apps that were individually needed.

He was nominated by Farley for his help with the laptop project, as well as his excellent communication during the project.

“We communicated daily for nearly 2 weeks on what the plan was for the next day, the next week, the next laptop,” said Farley. “I know firsthand how hard it can be to be assigned to a comprehensive project while still maintaining daily issues that arise. John communicated when things were being delayed because of his other commitments. He made expert recommendations as needed. He maintained friendliness and courtesy at all times.”

Congratulations, John!

Sharon Sprenger, Applications Development Manager


Sharon was nominated for her constant dedication to her work and always going above and beyond to provide the best services possible. She first showed her outstanding service in 2017 while helping with MOPlants. She worked with third-party vendors and kept everything running smoothly. She has also continued to deliver functionality, which has helped to better serve citizens and businesses.

She was nominated by John Brunnert for her reliability and constant availability to help with anything thrown Brunnert’s way.

“Sharon is an essential part of our Plant Industries team and deserves recognition for the success she brings,” said Brunnert. “We are grateful.”

Congratulations, Sharon!

OA Insider Team

The OA Insider team was nominated for exemplifying the meaning of OA CARES: Communications, Adaptive, Reliable, and Solution-Driven. The newsletter and coinciding newscast were developed around the time of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when communication needs were at an all-time high. Thanks to the Insider, team members now get monthly updated information about what has happened in the department, milestones, and celebrations.

The OA Insider Team was nominated by Karen Enlow for helping everyone stay informed.

“The articles are well written and informative,” said Enlow. “I especially love the variety of articles and that all divisions are featured. I was pleased to see my B&P colleague Matt Hesser featured in the March newsletter. I know how hard Matt and his team works, but now so does everyone else.”

Congratulations OA Insider Team!

September 2021

Jeff Sheley, Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor


Jeff was nominated for his unrelenting commitment to the OA-FMDC mission and the OA CARES core values. One year ago, the Specialized Trades Supervisor assigned to the School for the Deaf retired. Jeff accepted the responsibility as the supervisor within the maintenance department, always seeking extra responsibility and taking on the hardest task. He constantly displays strong technical knowledge and excellent support daily, using his knowledge to solve complex problems and maximizing resources.

He was nominated by Mitch Rogge for his strong work ethic and being a pillar of support for others.

“Jeff is an inspiring motivator and trainer always willing to support others within the department,” said Rogge. “He is a superb organizer, always planning and prioritizing wisely and with great foresight he constantly develops and processes improvements and efficiencies.”

Congratulations, Jeff!

Amanda Woody, Senior Staff Development Training Specialist


Amanda was nominated for her reliability and constantly stepping up when needed. She stepped into the ENGAGE Change Champion meeting facilitator role following Becca Baylor’s departure, and she has continued to set a comfortable and conversational tone for meetings despite being new to the role. She has encouraged productive dialogue and continues to work hard to get better and make others better along with her.

She was nominated by Darlene Fritz for her hard work and reliability.

“I admire her incredible knowledge and spirit of customer service in supporting both MO Learning and TMTP,” said Fritz. “She has added a new layer of admiration for the great job she is doing supporting the ENGAGE Change Champions!”

Congratulations, Amanda!

Gloria Burt, Senior Business Analyst


Gloria was nominated for continuously demonstrating OA CARES values. During the past year, Gloria took on additional workload due to staff departures, applying her wealth of knowledge and expertise to a number of additional projects. ITSD is in the middle of a multi-year software project for DOC’s MOCIS application. Gloria has taken ownership of additional modules, helping with documentation and software testing beyond her primary responsibilities. She has identified and provided documentation for dozens of software issues that need to be completed, communicating the business needs, details of test case failures, and in many cases potential solutions for the developers to pursue.

She was nominated by Kurt Brewer for always being around when needed, and for exemplifying what it means to follow OA CARES values: communication, adaptive, reliable, expert, and solution-driven.

“Gloria’s reliability and adaptability is critical to keeping the MOCIS project and the ongoing application support tasks on track,” said Brewer. “She has taken on numerous additional duties.”

Congratulations, Gloria!

August 2021

Olawale Ibitoye, Data Technician


Olawale was nominated for going above and beyond his daily duties, both in the office and outside of the office. Specifically, he was nominated for his recent act of good will. Olawale had a friend who was concerned about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but Olawale helped his friend ease that concern. At the time, Olawale was wearing an “I’ve Been Vaccinated” shirt provided by DMH. DMD Director, Mark Stringer, went on to give Olawale as many shirts as he needed to help aid in getting others vaccinated.

Olawale was nominated by Phil Reed for his caring nature and willingness to always help others, no matter the situation.

“Wale is a remarkable person,” said Reed. “He also sponsors children from his home country Nigeria who are in need. He brings them to United States and pays for food/housing/clothing/education so they can have a better life.”

Congratulations, Olawale!

Craig Lepper, Specialized Trades Worker


Craig was nominated for his sheer ingenuity and determination to provide the best possible service and get the job done. A decision was made the first of May for the Department of Social Services to move out of a leased building in New Madrid to a vacant, state-owned building that had been a residential facility. The site had only accommodated a few offices and needed to be prepared for staff to move in by June 30th – barely six weeks for a total remodel. Through sheer ingenuity and dogged determination, Craig came up with a plan, set up a second data room and found a way to cross that vaulted ceiling to connect the network.

He was nominated by Betty Skelton for the large role he played in aiding DSS with their move to a new office space.

“This job should have taken several months to complete, but leases and money were involved so there was an urgent need to make this happen,” said Skelton. “We went from feeling that the structure of the building made this impossible - to having the work completed and staff moved in less than six weeks.”

Congratulations, Craig!

Teresa Stull, Accounts Assistant


Teresa was nominated for her constant hard work and going above and beyond her required responsibilities. On June 25th, CARO received a large stipulation for compromised settlement for an injured employee. This was the last day that payments could be made for the current fiscal year. Vendor input forms were send over on June 23rd to have the injured employee and their attorney added to SAM II, but no one had heard anything back. Teresa went out of her way to locate the documents that had been sent and to expedite the process so the parties would be in SAM II.

She was nominated by Heather McClure for the help she gave to expedite the process so that the settlement could be processed that afternoon.

“She very easily could have said it would be processed in the order it was received or that it was in someone else's work queue, but she took the time to find it and saved the day,” said McClure.

Congratulations, Teresa!

July 2021

Kelsey Huwe, Procurement Analyst


Kelsey was nominated for exemplifying the values of OA CARES, specifically when working on an RFP for recycling services. Kelsey was able to quickly grasp a rather involved bid and make suggestions that simplified and cleaned-up language in the RFP. At each step through the process, she clearly communicated what she needed.

She was nominated by Rob Didrikson for her clear communication, hard work, and outstanding teamwork.

“When I posed a question I knew I would get an answer,” said Didrikson. “Strangely, Kelsey made a sometimes-not-fun process… fun!”

Congratulations, Kelsey!

Paula Henry, Client Support Technician


Paula was nominated for going above and beyond when helping Jessica Farley when her laptop had a problem. Paula took the time to carefully review the programs Jessica used to be sure she had everything she would need on a different laptop, as well as inform Jessica of shortcuts to help with various computer programs as well as helping to recover information.

She was nominated by Jessica Farley for exemplifying the OA CARES values when it came to helping her.

“Paula invited me to call her directly if I ran into additional problems or if any software I might need was missing,” said Farley.

Congratulations, Paula!

Danielle Sweeney, Senior Business Analyst


Danielle was nominated for her ability to provide help to not only her teammates, but also those outside of the state workforce. Steven Meyer overheard a citizen asking Danielle for directions to a certain state agency. Most people are helpful enough to tell someone what floor they should be on, and maybe even point them toward the elevators, but Danielle went the extra mile. She guided the lady to the elevator and rode it with her. They then got off together and Danielle walked her to the front door of her desired destination.

Danielle was nominated by Stephen Meyer due to her constant willingness to be helpful and go above and beyond for not just state workers, but citizens as well.

“For this citizen, Dani was adaptable, expert, and solution-driven,” said Meyer. “I know this seems to be a small thing, but I was impressed by the care Dani showed to a visitor needing help finding services in the Truman Building.”

Congratulations, Danielle!

ITSD Onboarding Team

The ITSD Onboarding Team just wrapped up the first year of the division's onboarding program, ITSD-U Launch, by graduating 29 new team members that successfully completed the program in their first year. The team developed a robust onboarding program with the mission to retain an engaged and thriving workforce for the State of Missouri. It provides a standardized platform for every new employee to launch their career for the future, while establishing the culture and re-enforcing the ITSD core values. The program also pairs new team members up with mentors to help them thrive and make valuable connections in their first year of employment.

The team was nominated for being solution driven in identifying the need for this program and taking incredible initiative to implement and successfully carry it out. It has made a tremendous impact on new team members, which will have lasting impacts on ITSD as a whole. The team was also incredibly adaptive in the first year of the program.


June 2021

Jason Whitworth, Applications Developer


Jason was nominated for helping create from the ground up. Since then, he's helped to maintain the website as needed as a reliable back-up developer. He has also continued to make himself available 24/7 without complaint.

He was nominated by Lisa Cox and Sami Jo Freeman for his hard work and dedication to public service.

“He's truly one of the most talented web developers in state government and deeply valued by our team,” said Cox.

Congratulations, Jason!

Kelli Buffington, Applications Developer


Kelli was nominated for the essential role she played during the COVID-19 challenge. Throughout the COVID-19 response, she stepped in to create graphics for the Governor's Office, DHSS, and all other state departments. Ongoing, she creates 15 or so graphics for community testing efforts every week, in addition to her normal work and projects for the Governor's Office.

Kelli was nominated by Megan Hopkins for her continued reliability and drive to continue to produce excellent work.

“Her assistance has saved the DHSS Communications Team a lot of time as she has helped to prep many of our pieces throughout the past year,” said Hopkins.

Congratulations, Kelli!

James Meyer, Systems Administration Technician


James was nominated for his constant above and beyond work ethic. James began his employment 2 years ago with OA ITSD. In that time frame, he has taken off very few days due to his dedication to the team and staffing constraints, in part due to COVID-19. James is always pleasant to the customers even under times of very heavy workloads insuring ITSD, Revenue, and DSS print deadlines are met.

He was nominated by Craig Kolb for his positive attitude and constant willingness to help out.

“There is never a complaint when he is asked to fill a role outside of his area of expertise, only a cooperative effort,” said Kolb. “He has also created innovative ways to streamline day to day task to make the print area more productive.”

Congratulations, James!

May 2021

Josh Campbell, Associate Applications Developer


Josh was nominated for his unparalleled customer service and his hard work ethic. He is often working behind the scenes to “make the magic happen” with in-depth business and technical knowledge. Thanks to this, he is often called upon by DESE for help discussing requirements and system problems directly with DESE business users.

Josh was nominated by Cherece Moe for being one of the “unsung heroes” of ITSD.

“Josh is always so gracious when communicating with customers and does a great job of explaining the technical challenges of a situation in terms that they can understand,” said Cherece. “He's patient and listens to their point of view to collaborate on a solution.”

Congratulations, Josh!

Melissa Theis, Deputy Director of Division of Personnel


Melissa was nominated for the hard work she did when helping the Department of Public Safety with a complicated budget-related request from the legislature. Melissa Theis spent a lot of time after hours on Friday and Saturday working with DPS on pulling data for this request. She then went the extra mile and built a database query to easily allow DPS to pull the data when technical issues prevented DPS from connecting to the SAMII data warehouse.

She was nominated by Bryan Hug for her hard work and constant strive to help others.

“The above is not the first instance of Melissa lending her assistance to me,” said Bryan. “Melissa was, and continues to be, an excellent source of knowledge as I continue to grow in my role as DPS Human Resources Director.”

Congratulations, Melissa!

Will Michel, Associate Applications Developer


Will was nominated for his brilliant work and going above and beyond what was asked of him. He built out, which now has more than 2 million unique users. Not only has he aided in maintaining the content, but he has also helped to provide new, innovative ideas for consideration.

He was nominated by Sami Jo Freeman and Lisa Cox for his creativity, constant positive attitude, and willingness to always help out.

“We greatly appreciate his commitment to the site and consistently being accessible to our team 24/7 without complaint,” said Sami and Lisa. “We truly believe that this website has provided critical public health information to Missourians and has helped provide a one-stop shop for straightforward information.”

Congratulations, Will!

April 2021

Amber Willis, Procurement Specialist


Amber was nominated for always being willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are done correctly. She is a constant example of OA’s core values, practicing them every day. Often, she takes the time to listen to issues, and takes even more time coming up with a well-executed solution.

Amber was nominated by Tim Collins for her hard work and positive attitude.

“She is always a joy to talk to on the phone and in person,” said Collins. “She has the patience of Job when we call her about an issue. She is very deserving of this award.”

Congratulations, Amber!

Sherri Holland, Senior Accounts Assistant


Sherri was nominated for her constant hard work and meticulous work ethic. She is always digging through old purchase orders and documents to go back and double check information, as well as put the “puzzle” of her work together. She never makes mistakes in her work due to her double and triple checking everything.

Sherri was nominated by Michael Moran for the constant excellent work she provides every day.

“With no exaggeration, Sherri’s attention to detail has saved me several hours of work,” said Moran.

Congratulations, Sherri!

Holly Withrow, Geographic Information Systems Specialist


Holly was nominated for playing a huge part in GIS team mapping and coordinating elements of the DHSS response to COVID-19. She has worked to build the original data dashboard, as well as build a dashboard of long-term care facility open beds for hospitals.

She was nominated by Megan Hopkins for her invaluable work, as well as her constant positive attitude during the entire process.

“During the time the GIS dashboard was in place, Holly worked weekends to make the daily updates happen so Missourians could access and visualize the data about the status of the pandemic in the state,” said Hopkins.

Congratulations, Holly!

Black History Month Steering Committee

The Black History Month Steering Committee was nominated for the amazing Black History Month celebration they pulled off this year. The event featured Governor Mike Parson, Chief Gary Hill, and Representative Ashely Bland-Manlove. The celebration was full of the diversity in Missouri and our country.

The team represented the OA CARES values of Communication, Adaptive, Reliable, Expert, and Solution-Driven.

Congratulations to the Black History Month Steering Committee!

March 2021

Renee Wright, Senior Applications Developer


Renee was nominated for being adaptive and responsive consistently, two of the major core values of OA CARES. Renee helped set up the OA system that tracks positive COVID-19 cases in Missouri government. As issues arise with the system, she is quick to identify possible solutions and is extremely responsive to state agency contacts that have questions.

Renee was nominated by Cindy Dixon for her outstanding customer service.

“I appreciate all of her hard work on the system,” said Dixon. “She is the glue that keeps it going!”

Congratulations, Renee!

Nikki Veit, Director of Application Development


Nikki was nominated for constantly being willing to help others, even when she is busy. She has taken on the responsibility of maintaining and updating the COVID-19 dashboard, Nikki has been instrumental to others’ success by consistently and patiently sharing her time and Tableau knowledge. She has helped with troubleshooting multiple issues with the dashboard, as well as offered up her time to continue improving the project.

Nikki was nominated by AJ Womack for her willingness to always help others.

“Nikki always quickly responds to my questions with accurate information and useful solutions,” said Womack. “Furthermore, if she did not have the solution, she knew someone who did. Nikki is a treasure to the state.”

Congratulations, Nikki!

Greg Zweifel, Specialized Trades Worker


Greg was nominated for going above and beyond to help others. Pam Vicker was having trouble with the temperatures in her office. Greg came, investigated the issue, and found that one vent was open full force and another was completely shut off. He fixed the heating issue in her office and then came by the next day to make sure everything was still working.

He was nominated by Vicker because of his greatly appreciated work to help improve Vicker’s work environment.

“I appreciate Greg for investigating the issue to identify the source of the problem, addressing the problem, and following up to make sure it was fixed, or as fixed as it can be,” said Vicker.

Congratulations, Greg!

February 2021

Nick Acree, Client Support Technician, CES


Nick was nominated for his reliability and willingness to always help others. He has has been a long-standing end-user support and has consistently been a problem-solver to this program. ITSD is a very diverse program with a broad spectrum of IT needs and requirements. Nick is able to constantly support the myriad of needs with a positive can-do attitude and the ability to resolve whatever issue.

He was nominated by Brian Allen for his dependability and hard work.

“We so appreciate and recognize his value to our program's operational functionality and success,” said Allen. “He embodies what I suspect OA strives for in its service to agencies.”

Congratulations, Nick!

Jennifer Heinkel, Human Resource Consultant


Jennifer was nominated for her great customer service through direct interactions, assisting team members, and supporting management. Jennifer interacts daily with OA team members by providing timely assistance on human resources matters. She partners with her coworkers to ensure new initiatives are properly implemented. Jennifer also actively participates on divisional work teams to improve the services we deliver.

Jennifer was nominated by Paul Buckley and Marian Buschjost for her positive attitude and strong work ethic.

“Regardless of her role in the service to our customers, she always asks appropriate questions to understand concerns or needs and is capable of problem solving on her own,” said her nominators. “She utilizes resources to deliver a thoughtful, accurate response, product, or service.”

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Carolyn Aggeler, Sr. Application Developer


Carolyn was nominated for her work with SAM II. Working with SAM II Financial you have to be adaptive as you never know what the system might throw. The most recent example of her dedication and hard work to providing excellent customer service came when the IRS implemented a new 1099-NEC, which required changes to the 1099-MISC along with creating the new 1099-NEC. This also required job and program changes in SAM II. ITSD ran into some issues and Carolyn did not hesitate one time to put in the extra hours.

She was nominated by Jocelyn Oligschlaeger for her adaptability and expertise.

“Carolyn and I communicate and work on issues daily together and I am thankful and beyond appreciative for all that she brings to the table,” said Oligschlaeger. “She would tell you she was just doing her job, but it means so much more to the people she works with than she will ever realize.”

Congratulations, Carolyn!

Kim Spiedel and Zach Russell


Kim Spiedel and Zach Russell were nominated thanks to their work with implementing the new eBuilder program. The countless hours they have spent on working through the processes, troubleshooting, countless meetings/WebEx sessions and creating new processes/reports to provide the entire FMDC-Capital Improvements team a solid foundation within this new program. OA Project managers, construction administrators and outside contractors now have a smooth transition into working in eBuilder though all the work and continuous work they both put into this program.

They were nominated for their countless hours of hard work.

“They have exceeded in everything that the OA Cares core values represents; communication, adaptive, reliable, expert and solution driven,” said their nominators.

Congratulations, Kim and Zach!

January 2021

Debbie Briedwell, GIS Manager


Debbie was nominated for her knowledge in all things GIS. She has been a GIS go-to person for many years and is routinely handed tasks when other people may not know where to begin. One recent example is the Team Health report. When state employees first had to begin teleworking, there was an immediate need for metrics. OA had a plan to create survey. What they did not have was a way to report that information back to Department management, or the Governor’s Office. Debbie was able to figure out a way to use GIS tools to generate a dashboard of the status of every employee.

She was nominated by Tracy Schloss for all of her hard work and dependability.

“Debbie has worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to provide this sort of behind the scenes support,” said Schloss.

Congratulations, Debbie!

Matt Hodgen, Project Manager


Matt was nominated for his excellent work with REDCap. The project has saved the DHSS Home Visiting program a substantial amount of money. Previously, DHSS paid the University of Missouri - Columbia over $100,000 annually to host the REDCap database. Thanks to Matt’s work to build us a REDCap server within ITSD, it now costs DHSS about $1,500 a year instead.

He was nominated by Karen Harbert for his strong work ethic and dedication to the job.

“The program has used these cost savings to expand our service into a new county and serve many more families each year. Additionally, his efforts have made the system available to other programs within DHSS,” said Harbert.

Congratulations, Matt!

Chenoa Williams, Senior Accounts Assistant


Chenoa was nominated for her extremely fast, detail-oriented work. With COVID-19 hitting our nation, Accounting has had an influx of vendor input forms to enter into SAM II. Chenoa was offered a position that would be split between Accounting’s Financial section and the HR Payroll side. She has been successful splitting her time between these two different sets of duties; however, with the influx of vendor input forms, Accounting asked Chenoa if she would be willing to transition back to entering vendor input forms full-time. She was more than willing to help out where it was needed.

She was nominated by Britni Buechter for her flexibility, work ethic, and all around great work.
“Since Chenoa has been back to entering vendor input forms full-time, she has processed 1,232 forms to date,” said Buechter. “Chenoa works really hard to beat her previous days numbers and does so accurately.”

Congratulations, Chenoa!

December 2020

Paul Vassos, Section Leader – Office Space Design Services


Paul was nominated for his aid in Budget and Planning’s navigation through acquiring two office spaces for two special projects this year: the Statewide Redistricting Office and space for any potential statewide elected official transitions. Both projects required unique set-ups and special needs and both had to be completed within a truncated timeframe. These combinations made securing adequate space very challenging.

Paul was nominated by Tony Roberts for his constant availability and professionalism.

“Throughout the process, Paul was a model of professionalism, calm, and good humor while he helped us navigate through the twists and turns in the process,” said Roberts. “He was unflappable with every unforeseen change, provided options in response, and kept us grounded as we continued to move forward. “

Congratulations, Paul!

Justina Brewer, Accountant


Justina was nominated for her hard work and being an excellent source of knowledge. She constantly demonstrates leadership, as well as excellent time management skills. She was promoted this year to a new position, all while training another employee for her former position. MissouriBUYS registrations have sky-rocketed since COVID-19 hit our nation. Her knowledge and ability to manage her time has also given her the chance to lead our team in getting MissouriBUYS vendors entered more quickly & efficiently, making the State of Missouri vendors, agencies, and management very happy. 

She was nominated by Britni Buechter for her hard work and dedication.

“Justina cares about the work she does, her teammates, and the agencies she assists. She is a great asset to our team!” Buechter said.

Congratulations, Justina!

William “Pete” Tarnower, Application Developer


Pete was nominated for his outstanding work with making complicated changes to the OCA database. He exemplified the core OA CARES values of communication, adaptive, reliable, expert and solution-driven through his work. He constantly made himself available, as well as met the department’s needs in a timely manner.

Pete was nominated by Kelly Schultz and Courtney Davis because he was easy to work with, responsive and attentive.

“I really appreciate all he has done to make our database function in the best way possible!” his nominators said.

Congratulations, Pete!

November 2020

Chris Moreland, Public Information Officer

Commissioner’s Office

Chris was nominated for his outstanding assistance with ushering MSECC from physical fundraising platform into a virtual fundraising machine. Chris helped by sending test emails, updated based on feedback, and then also graciously provided the analytics to track how successful the email campaigns were. His actions made it possible for OA to deliver a premier customer experience.

Chris was nominated by Leah Strid from General services for his constant willingness to always make himself available to help out, as well as his continued strong work ethic.

“Chris was instrumental in transitioning the MSECC into an online-based campaign this year in a short two-week turnout is phenomenal,” said Strid. “I don’t know what I would have done without him!”

Congratulations, Chris!

Kimarley Mowatt, Information Technologist IV

Division: ITSD
Kimarley Mowatt

Kimarley was nominated for his outstanding customer service. He constantly made himself available to people who needed help, while going above and beyond to service their needs. He exemplified the OA CARES Core Values – Communication, Adaptive, Reliable, Expert and Solution-Driven – with his work.

For his outstanding work as well as constantly upbeat attitude, Kimarley was nominated an unprecedented 14 time.

“He finds solutions, no matter how difficult the problem and with a cheery demeanor – even on a Monday!” One of the nominators said.

Another said, “He did not make me feel like I was bothering him, which was nice!”

Congratulations, Kimarley!

Matthew Hursman, Physical Plant Manager

Division: FMDC

Matthew was nominated for his above and beyond work to get the job done. While the ITSD CES staff were working from home until their work space was cleaned due to COVID-19 cases on the floor at the Fletcher Daniels State Office Building, Matt was contacted by the Vocation Rehabilitation staff that the back-up power supply in their office was beeping. Matt helped replacing the malfunctioning backup power supply with a spare one.  This meant Vocational Rehabilitation would no longer have to hear repetitive beeping from the backup power supply alarm. 

Matt was nominated by Robert Curren for his help.

“Matt could have just contacted ITSD-CES, which would have required driving a distance to complete the work, since the CES team had to work remote.  Thank you, Matt, for all you do.” Curren said.

Congratulations, Matt!

October 2020

Jacob Brooke, Legislative Coordinator

Division: Budget & Planning

Jacob was nominated for his leadership role during the implementation of a new fiscal note database named “MOLIS.” Numerous State of Missouri team members recognized that the fiscal note request & response process had become tedious and needed to be updated. Throughout the updating process, Jacob took it upon himself to make sure that the department team members involved in the process were able to contribute. Working as a bridge between the departments and developers, he orchestrated the training and made sure everyone was comfortable throughout. In the end, this team created something that will improve state government operations.

Nominated by Jessica Farley from B&P, Jacob was beyond accommodating at keeping everyone informed. “The thought, dedication, and patience Jacob has shown is tremendous! His tenacity will make a huge difference in this process and will be felt throughout all MO State Departments. He is a great representation of OA CARES.”

Congratulations, Jacob!

Nancy Loethen, FMDC Accountant Supervisor

Division: Accounting

Nancy was nominated for her customer service when it comes to any accounting questions. No matter what she was working on at the time, Nancy has always made herself available to help – whether it involved purchasing, MissouriBUYS, or vendors and is always prompt and reliable when it comes to answering any questions.

Nominated Ashley Mazza from FMDC, Nancy’s knowledge has made her a wonderful asset to the Office of Administration. “I worked with Nancy when she worked with FMDC and I still work with her daily on accounting issues. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to Fixed Assets and accounting. She has a great attitude and always goes above and beyond. She deserves to be recognized.”

Congratulations, Nancy!

Brian Snellen, Senior Enterprise Architect

Division: ITSD

Brian was nominated for being that employee that everyone wants to have. He does whatever needs to be done below, above and in his classification. Brian strives to understand and learn anything that he needs to, to do a great job. At ITSD-DOLIR our infrastructure is large, complex and ever changing. Brian works very hard to make sure that both the business and our partners at SDC are kept updated on what is going on with that infrastructure. He works with our vendors to ensure that we are upgrading and keeping the systems optimum. During the influx of unemployment claims due to COVID, Brian worked more than 100 hours several weeks in a row, to keep the systems up and minimize down time for the citizens.

Nominated by Angie Anderson, ITSD, for his leadership and hard work. “At ITSD-DOLIR we have been working with five other state that use federal code and guidelines to build a Consortium to help bring our systems and code in line. This will help reduce time, costs and reliance on a single vendor. In the duration of this system analysis and planning, ITSD-DOLIR has had to be adaptive and pivot multiple times on the direction of work that is required. Brian is leading the way, helping to put Missouri first in the technology that not just this Consortium will use but that we can use nationwide to save other states money as well.”

Angie further added, “Brian CARES about his job, his customers, his co-workers and our citizens. He works hard to find solutions to problems and then implement those solutions, helping those around him learn and grow.”

Congratulations, Brian!


September 2020

Terry James & ITSD Team (Shelly Oligschlaeger, Destiny Campbell, Doris Fitzpatrick, & Carla Henderson)

Division: ITSD

Terry and his team were nominated for their exceptional tech expertise and quick response to providing emergency IT and logistics support in advance of a training session.

Nominated by Dawn Sweazea from the OA Division of Personnel, Terry’s team arranged for the quick set up of 15+ workstations with laptops and Wi-Fi connection following the discovery that the class’s reserved training seats were located across physically separate classrooms, and needed to be in one!

“Terry quickly jumped into action, while others physically situated the room,” Sweazea said. “It was a chaotic time, and certainly stressful for me. I appreciate Terry's quick thinking to find a solution to my problem and the team action of his counterparts to pull it all together.”

Congratulations, Terry and your hardworking team!

Trisha Mistler, Senior Multimedia Specialist

Division: General Services

Trisha was nominated for consistently providing exceptional customer service, which allowed her internal client to deliver value-added service to the citizens of Missouri.

Nominated by Aaron Stalter from ITSD, Trisha, who works in the OA Print Shop, has been assisting ITSD and DSS with PDFs. She has been very helpful with explaining how things can be done and their internal process. She has gone above and beyond to accommodate the customers’ requests and is very nice when doing so.

“Trisha has brightened several of my days through this work process and helped deliver value to DSS and the citizens of Missouri,” Stalter said.

Congratulations, Trisha!

Stacy Strope, Applications Development Specialist

Division: ITSD

Stacy was nominated for consistently providing exceptional customer service, which allowed her internal client to deliver value-added service to the citizens of Missouri.

Nominated by Leah Strid from General Services, Stacy manages the application that is used for the charitable campaign. As things shifted to many employees working remote, the campaign soon realized how difficult it would be to run an exclusively paper campaign if employees were still working from home this fall. Stacy and her team stepped up, discussed what was needed for the online donation platform, and in less than two months had a functional application ready to deploy!

“They helped me work through testing, prioritizing changes, and basically put in an incredible amount of work to make sure that any state team members working remotely will still have the same access to participate in the charitable campaign,” said Strid. “Not only will this increase efficiency and decrease print costs for paper pledge cards, it should greatly enhance the way state team members are able to interact with the campaign.”

Congratulations, Stacy!

Lisa Bacon, Accountant

Division: Accounting

Lisa was nominated for consistently providing exceptional customer service, which allowed her internal client to deliver value-added service to the citizens of Missouri.

Nominated by Jessica Farley, OA Budget & Planning Division, Lisa brought expertise and clarity to the process of making large purchases and using preferred vendors through MissouriBUYS. With establishing the Redistricting Office, Jessica had several instances in which she needed to obtain price quotes and place orders through MissouriBUYS on a scale of which she was unfamiliar. Lisa assisted many times over the last three months to provide guidance or a referral. She is knowledgeable in many facets of accounting, making her an expert in her field.

”Lisa's willingness to help is outstanding and she never complains,” Farley said. “She is always professional, is a great teacher, and takes the time to explain the process - not just provide an answer.”

Congratulations, Lisa!


August 2020

Jessica Farley, Lead Administrative Support Assistant

Division: OA/B&P

Jessica was nominated for her exemplary work during the COVID-19 situation. During the beginning of the COVID-19 challenge, analysts needed to make changes in BRASS while working from home, but it was running incredibly slow. Jessica took it upon herself to contact IT and figure out a solution that helped BRASS run at least twice as fast as it did previously. It was instrumental during the pandemic.

Jessica was nominated by Daniel Lensing for her adaptive and solution-driven work ethic.

“She routinely exhibits this kind of work ethic and problem solving ability within the B&P office and is a major help to all analysts and management,” said Lensing.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Kathleen Redel, Senior Project Manager

Division: ITSD
Kathleen Redel

Kathy was nominated for having an excellent work ethic and being the embodiment of OA CARES. She believes communication is key, and constantly works with others to find a solution when there is a problem. This has been especially important during the implementation of the OA CARES act into the Unemployment System.

She was nominated by Angie Anderson for her consistently outstanding work and team-driven attitude.

“Our customers know that they can come to her with anything because she is reliable. And with what she is not an expert in (which in Unemployment isn't much), she will find the right person to get them an answer,” Anderson said.

Congratulations, Kathy!

Mike Moran, Project Manager

Division: ITSD

Mike was nominated for his work with the Division of Purchasing, Tiffanie Meyers, and the vendor LexisNexis to negotiate pricing allowing the expansion of the SORTS programs at Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center and Fulton State Hospital. All of this was done without any additional cost to the facilities, beyond the purchase of a ChromeBox.

He was nominated by Cathy Solomon for his hard work.

“It is estimated that the facility will save $63,000 for license expansion fees in the first year” Solomon said. “I feel this demonstrates excellent customer care and stewardship.”

Congratulations, Mike!

July 2020

David Zapf, Client Support Technician

Division: ITSD

David was nominated for his exceptional tech support as team members transitioned to working remotely due to COVID-19.  For many, working remotely has provided new challenges in an uncertain time, and this has included IT staff as they have had to solve new kinds of issues on the fly.

Nominated by Cathy Sala from Budget & Planning, Cathy experienced numerous IT issues when making the change to working remotely, but was grateful for David’s patience and knowledge in making her new working conditions as smooth as possible. David is also known for calling back to make sure a client’s issues have been resolved.

“Each time I have submitted a ticket, David has been quick to respond and resolve,” said Sala. “Of course, I thank him for fixing my issue. What I didn’t expect? He thanked me for continuing to work also.”

Congratulations, David!

Ashley Mazza, Stores/Warehouse Associate

Division: OA/FMDC

Ashley was nominated for her communication and reliability. For many of us, we experience times that often ask us to work and problem solve long after a typical work day has ended.

For several weeks, Rob Didrikson in General Services had been working with a company to pick up a partial load of carpet tiles to be recycled. Late one afternoon, he was notified that a truck would be in the area the next morning. Rob called Ashley and left a voice mail and she returned his call later that evening and made sure the pallet was ready to be collected.

“Being able to connect with Ashley after hours insured that the carpet titles got picked up the next day,” Said Didrickson. “This freed up valuable space to allow for more pallets of carpet titles to be collected for recycling.”

Congratulations, Ashley!

Paul Ridenhour, Specialized Trades Supervisor

Division: FMDC

Paul was nominated for the incredible work he has done working in the Capitol & overseeing the Governor’s Mansion. If you have been in these buildings or ever had to talk to anyone from FMDC, you have most likely met Paul. Paul is one of those team members who is very personable and will help you resolve any maintenance issue your office may be experiencing.

Paul was nominated by Jessica Farley in Budget & Planning for being reliable and solution-driven. Paul has been a tremendous help with big orders that have come in for the Redistricting Office. He definitely knows how to mitigate any potential crises we may be having whether it be helping out himself or just making a simple phone call to the right people who will have the information we need. He is one of the best problem solvers and you can tell he cares.

“Although Paul is pulled in many directions, he always makes it seem like he has time to help whatever I might need,” said Farley. “Paul is an exceptionally friendly and nice guy. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Congratulations, Paul!

June 2020

Susan Stegeman, Information Technologist I

Division: ITSD/DOR

Susan was nominated for her hard work and exemplary skills when facing difficult tasks. She came in to work every day during the statewide COVID-19 social distancing to ensure her team still provided ample services to the Department of Revenue. Everything she did was done with a positive attitude.

She was nominated by Mary Rothove of ITSD/DOR for her incredible reliability and hard work.

I’m proud to say Susan is one of the best team players I have known in my career,” said Rothove. “I would like to take this time to tell her thank you and awesome job.”

Congratulations, Susan!

Amber Manion, Sr. Office Support Assistant

Division: FMDC
Amber Manion

Amber was nominated for always being available for her teammates when they are in need. Her positive attitude and willingness to help makes her a perfect recipient of this award. She works in great detail and speed to resolve issues quickly.

She was nominated by Nathan Ridenhour of FMDC for her hard work and go-getter attitude.

“She always has a smile on her face when I walk into 730 and greets everyone with a positive attitude,” said Ridenhour. “Amber dispatches issues to the maintenance staff with great detail and works with the tenants to get problems resolved promptly.”

Congratulations, Amber!

Darlene Libbert, Data Processor Technical

Division: ITSD-DSS

Darlene was nominated for using her skills from her previous careers in her new role with the FACES team. During two high-priority projects, Darlene was doing QA testing for both of them and her Medicaid knowledge drove her to start having concerns and asking questions about possible items that were missing from the business requirements. By the end of the projects, new requirements were defined based on her questions. Darlene even used her experience as a programmer to make some of the required changes to the code to help with the extremely critical time.

Darlene was nominated by Jeff Cassmeyer for her experience and for her input in producing an even stronger product.

“Thanks to her dedication and determinedness, both of the FACES projects were completed as quickly as possible,” said Cassmeyer. “Without Darlene, these projects would have probably gone into production without all of the scenarios and requirements covered and would have caused issues down the road.”   

Congratulations, Darlene!

Curtis Forck & Bert Reinstein

Division: Accounting and ITSD

Curtis and Bert were nominated for taking the initiative to come up with a solution to payroll issues. At the beginning of the year, payroll was having issues that included incorrect event codes, deduction files and agency CPER files not loading correctly. To show the severity, one issue would have resulted in over 2200 employees from a department not getting paid on time due to a transaction file not loading correctly. Amazingly, Curtis and Bert worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to keep that from happening.  

Curtis & Bert were nominated by Libbie Farrell for their solution-driven approach and determination to put an end to these payroll issues.

“Curtis and Bert came up with a solution to ensure the employees were not only paid on time, but their pay was received via ACH and not by paper check,” said Libbie. “Curtis and Bert exemplify the principles of OA CARES by being adaptive, reliable, experts, and solution-driven.”

Congratulations, Curtis & Bert!

May 2020

Caleb Yahnig, Information Technologist III

Division: ITSD/DOR

Caleb was nominated for his commitment to serving the Department of Revenue during the COVID-19 statewide social distancing transition. Caleb ensured that Department of Revenue could still provide the services to Missouri residents.

Caleb was nominated by Mary Rothove for his dependability during the pandemic.

“Caleb went above and beyond to ensure that our team was still providing services to DOR even though other members of the team were working remotely,” said Mary. “Caleb was very reliable during these difficult times and I am proud to say he is an awesome employee that put customer service above everything.”

Congratulations, Caleb!

Ryan Heislen, Information Technical Specialist II

Division: ITSD/DSS

Ryan was nominated for his exceptional job throughout a recent project with DSS ITSD staff. Throughout this project, Ryan continued to have a positive attitude and has been upbeat, while always communicating with the staff and getting any questions resolved.

Nominated by Stephanie Brooks and Dana Augustine, Ryan’s role throughout this project was a highlight that made a lasting impression.

“Ryan has a great positive energy, and he is truly making a difference in helping to support and ease this transition,” said Stephanie.

Congratulations, Ryan!

Doug Butzer, Maintenance Supervisor I

Division: FMDC
Doug Butzer

Doug was nominated for his maintenance on HVAC projects. Doug does a great job to make sure building HVACs are running properly. The projects can consist of changing or repairing variable air volumes, and working with teams on reconfiguring BAS system, so that the air handling units are working more efficiently and correctly.

Doug was nominated by Brian Jaco for the quality of his work and quickness in resolving any issues.

“He goes out of his way to make sure his tenants’ request and concerns are dealt with in a promptly manner,” said Brian.

Congrats, Doug, and thank you for keeping this place running well!

April 2020

Craig Bock, Project Manager

Division: FMDC

Craig was nominated for the care he brings to each of his projects he is overseeing. As the OA FMDC Project Manager and Liaison to the Missouri Army National Guard Construction and Facilities Management Office, Craig goes above and beyond for each of the 57 state and federally funded projects for the MO Guard and SEMA. Craig is an Army Reservist and you can see his dedication and care he brings about regarding these projects.  

Craig was nominated by Jeremy Berendzen for the value he brings to the state and for stepping in while Jeremey was deployed.  

“Craig stepped in for FMDC at a time when I was deployed and truly kept our organization moving,” said Jeremy. “Craig is one of the best Project Managers I have been in contact with in my 20 years in the industry. He is detail oriented and reviews each product we send to FMDC with care. The MO National Guard, OA FMDC, and the State of Missouri are lucky to have Craig on our team.”  

Congratulations, Craig!

Jennifer Grellner, VDI – Technician

Division: ITSD
Jennifer Grellner

Jennifer was nominated for always being able to help whenever anyone has an issue with VDI machines. This can no doubt be a task that gets numerous requests, and every time Jennifer does her best to help out and get issues resolved.

Jennifer was nominated by Dale Taggart for being an expert at her craft and always being professional with her work.

Dale said, “Jennifer is ALWAYS very knowledgeable, and ALWAYS a pleasure to work with to resolve any VDI issue. Thanks for the help, Jennifer!”

Well done, Jennifer!

MaryBeth Deeken, Project Manager & Specialist I

Division: ITSD

MaryBeth was nominated for being an essential and exemplary member throughout the Department of Health and Senior Services response to COVID-19. She has worked outside of normal hours in order to help DHSS get vital information out onto their webpage, whether it be nights or weekends.

Nominated by the Division of Community and Public Health, MaryBeth was quick to help create the web page when the first case happened in the U.S. As the pandemic has evolved, MaryBeth has been quick to post updates and complete an entire restructure of the page.

“Without her assistance, the DHSS response efforts would not have been as exact or timely,” said Megan Hopkins (on behalf of the DCPH). “Missourian’s reliance on this key information-sharing conduit has been observed as page hits and time spent on the page increases. Vital information about COVID-19 is easily available as MaryBeth helps us to protect health and keep people safe.”

Inspiring work, MaryBeth!

March 2020

Grounds Crew

Division: FMDC
Grounds Crew
Grounds Crew

The grounds crew was nominated for their exceptional work during the recent flooding around the Truman Building. The crew worked tirelessly to fix the issue. Some members even waded through water to get someone’s car out of the flooded parking lot.

The crew was nominated by Arbizene Buzard of ITSD for their exemplary work.

“When the water finally started to recede I would see the crew as early as 6:30 a.m. cleaning the parking lot and trying to push the water back to get any extra parking spots possible,” said Buzard. “I am very impressed with how they take care of the parking lots and the staff at the Truman building.”


Jennifer Bunselmeyer, Graphics Supervisor

Division: OA General Services

Jennifer was nominated for her dedication to her work and customers. She always has her work completed on time thanks to her constant hard work and countless hours she puts in to the job. She has fantastic attention to detail.

She was nominated by Dan Mustoe of OA General Services for her work ethic.

“Jennifer’s dedication to her work and the hours she puts in to ensure projects are completed on time are what has made State Printing what it is today,” said Mustoe.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

Carla Murray, Reporting Services Supervisor

Division: ITSD/DMH

Carla was nominated for her hard work and dedication, and countless hours spent making her department better. She spends her time not only orchestrating and attending meetings, but also spending her time working hard to make others better. Carla is always working on a project to improve her department.

She was nominated by Stephanie Bonnie of DMH for her positive attitude and constant dedication to make others better.

“She has enthusiasm for getting her hands dirty and working in the weeds with fellow team members to get the SQL 2016 upgrade, PPS and other high priority projects complete and on time,” said Bonnie.

Congratulations, Carla!

February 2020

Bert Reinstein, IT Specialist II

Division: ITSD
Bert Reinstein ITSD

Bert was nominated for his outstanding customer service. He worked tirelessly to make sure the SAM II HR changes went smoothly. Bert was patient, resourceful and customer centered. He is always accommodating for other colleagues schedules. Thanks to his tireless efforts, SAM II HR was available as scheduled.

He was nominated by Lucas Knipp of ITSD for his exemplary use of OA’s Reliable and Expert core values.

“This year’s salary increase and the market adjustments are a huge step for the State of Missouri workforce,” said Knipp. “Bert’s sacrifice to pull this off smoothly was amazing. He is truly a reliable expert!”

Congratulations, Bert!

Cathy Holliday, Accounting Generalist I

Division: Accounting
Cathy Holliday Accounting

Cathy was nominated thanks to her attention to detail and communication skills. Noticing that a vendor's information was incorrect, she called the vendor to verify that they were wanting their banking to be changed (a request they had not made). Her skills helped to prevent a fraudulent request from being processed.

She was nominated by Britni Buechter of Accounting for going above and beyond in her work.

“Her attention to detail and communication with the vendor prevented a fraudulent request from being processed, which is why I feel she is an excellent example of OA CARES,” said Buechter.

Congratulations, Cathy!

Teresa Baker, Administrative Office Support Assistant

Division: ITSD
Teresa Baker ITSD

Teresa was nominated for her extraordinary skills in communications and leadership. She has constantly proven her reliability and is always willing to help others. She cares about her teammates and her job. Each day, she makes an impact on citizens, partner agencies, and teams. Teresa is Adaptive to many different leadership personalities and customers that she helps, and is consistently Reliable within her role and will reach out to make sure that all goals have been met.

She was nominated by Brandon Ousley of ITSD for the care she takes in her job as well as for her teammates.

“She truly cares about her teammates and her job. She makes an impact every day to our citizens, partner agencies, and teams,” said Ousley. “Each time she works with someone I am proud that she is representing OA and ITSD.”

Congratulations, Teresa!

January 2020

Mike Dorney, Physical Plant Supervisor I

Division: FMDC

Mike was nominated for his eagerness to help others. He has worked as a teacher and mentor for his employees, never turning down a chance to answer questions.

He was nominated by Debbie Lang from FMDC for his superior leadership skills.

“Mike actually makes it pleasantly fun to come to work, and that is the key,” Lang said. “If you enjoy your job, and look forward to coming into work each day, that makes a world of difference.”

Congratulations, Mike!

Sherry Kempf, Design Development Survey Manager

Division: FMDC
Sherry Kempf

Sherry was nominated for her work on the project to renovate the Governor’s Mansion from April 2019 to October 2019. While working on the project, she had to deal with historical restoration and the relocation of the governor’s family. The project was time-sensitive, while also requiring high levels of communication and adaptability.

She was nominated by Joseph Eddy from FMDC for her overall work and professional handling of the project.

“Sherry worked with all the parties involved to develop solution-driven responses to those obstacles while working within a tight budget and deadlines for the Governor’s family to reoccupy the quarters,” said Eddy.

Congratulations, Sherry!

Jan LaBonte, Information Specialist II

Division: ITSD
Jan LaBonte

Jan was nominated for her outstanding customer service to the Department of Mental Health. Recently, she worked with CES and DMH to provide laptop solutions to DMH staff that did not have computers.

She was nominated by Philip Reed of ITSD for her joyful attitude and drive to help others.

“Without Jan’s hard work and perseverance on this project, these DMH staff would still be performing these tasks manually with paper,” said Reed. “She arrives to work each day with a smile on her face and has a positive attitude.”

Congratulations, Jan!

December 2019

Luther Harley, Maintenance Worker I

Division: FMDC
Luther Harley

Luther was nominated for always being available to assist the ITSD division. This team can always rely on Luther for helping them with any project they need completed. No matter the complication, and even if others say the problem cannot be fixed, Luther will always assess the situation and quickly have it resolved.

Luther was nominated by the ITSD Administrative Assistants for his dependability.

“He will go above and beyond to help us and we appreciate him and his hard work so much,” said Cara Dixon. “He always has such a positive attitude and uplifting spirit.”  

Congratulations, Luther!

Darlene Keeling, Accounting Generalist II

Division: Accounting
Darlene Keeling

Darlene was nominated for her superior customer service with SAM II and her role during the merging of the Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development. Darlene is quick to respond to requests and is always accurate when responding to any questions regarding SAM II. She is the first one that many call and is known for being such a joy to work with due to her great communication and cheerful attitude.

Darlene was nominated by Pam Victor from the Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development for her help during this transition.

“She was instrumental in our conversion from DHE to DHEWD and assisted us with many tasks,” said Pam. “I appreciate Darlene so much. She is a true servant always working to help others.”

Congratulations, Darlene!

Chris Moore, IT Specialist I

Division: ITSD
Chris Moore

Chris was nominated for becoming an expert in solutions for MAC computers. Always friendly and willing to help, Chris will take it upon himself to help his colleagues throughout the state with any technical issues they may be experiencing.

Chris was nominated by Kelli Buffington from the ITSD web team for his commitment to superior customer service.

“He will walk me through the issues I am having to ultimately get me back up and running as quickly as possible. If he doesn’t know the solution right away or it is something he has never encountered, he will scour materials and try different ways to resolve the issue,” said Kelli. “I am very appreciative of his service!”

Thank you for your dedication, Chris!

Melissa Troesser, Fiscal & Administrative Manager & ITSD Fiscal Team (Lisa Cordry, Budget Analyst I; Sherri Holland, Accounting Generalist I; Stephanie Rhoads, Accounting Generalist II)

Division: ITSD/Accounting
Fiscal Team

A cross-divisional team made up of ITSD Fiscal and Accounting team members were nominated for the team award for providing excellent response time for the State Data Center Operations staff throughout the years. With the continuous ordering of supplies for the data center and print operation, at times it has been difficult to locate these items, but this team have been a great help and have always responded to any issues professionally and swiftly.

Melissa and team were nominated by Greg Wilson for their consistently high quality work over the years.

“Recently, Melissa and Sherri Holland followed up with multiple vendors in order to ensure the MICR toner supplies arrived as needed thanks to Melissa and staff for their quick response,” said Greg.

Thank you Melissa and your incredible team over the years!


November 2019

John Pippen, Information Specialist I

Division: ITSD
John Pippen

John was nominated for always being one of the first tech specialists to volunteer when assistance is needed. During a deployment of Windows 10 in other regions of the state, John even went so far as to rearrange personal plans so that he could be of assistance.

John was nominated by Tammie Strein for his dependability.

“It’s sometimes hard to fill to fill a team of techs to assist with deployments outside of their region, but John is one tech I can always depend on to be there and make himself available,” said Tammie. “Thanks for being there when we need you.”  

Congratulations, John!

Tracy Schnieders, Accounting Generalist II

Division: Accounting
Michael Juneau

Tracy was nominated for her commitment to customer service and making sure they get the best help possible. Always professional, Tracy goes the extra mile to help her fellow team members. She even makes suggestions on how to make improvements within her own division that make the office run much smoother.

Tracy was nominated by Sheila Himmerick for her positive outlook, adaptability, and commitment to continuous improvement.

“She answers many questions about supplemental checks for the agencies and employees when needed and stays late when needed to make sure everything is completed for state employee’s payroll,” Sheila noted. “She’s friendly, outgoing, and a good person to work with.”

Congratulations, Tracy!

Victoria Stuecken, IT Specialist I

Division: ITSD
Michael Juneau

Victoria was nominated for her exemplary customer service as support staff throughout the ShowMe SMART Project Training Series. Balancing multiple conference rooms, Victoria embodied all five core values during the implementation of this project.

Throughout this training series, Victoria’s support helped make each class run smoothly.

Victoria was nominated by Paula Peters and Nikki Veit for the incredible customer service she provides.

“As you can imagine, doing this training for the first time had us a little nervous,” said Paula Peters and Nikki Veit. “Due to Victoria’s proactive approach and her excellent customer service, all went well and we did not have to worry about a thing. We are thankful for the great customer experience Victoria provides!”

Thank you for helping so many of our employees, Victoria!


October 2019

Michael Juneau, Information Technologist IV

Division: ITSD
Michael Juneau

Michael was nominated for providing exceptional support for the Office of Equal Opportunity. When any technology issues or glitches arise, Michael always arrives with a smile on his face and a positive attitude.

Michael was nominated by Janet Carter for the commitment and reliability he has given to her team members. When Janet was out on sick leave, Michael jumped right in when he was called on to set up a computer for a temp member who had just been hired. The respect and commitment from all parties has blossomed into a strong and dedicated working relationship that allows this division to assist their vendors in a timely manner.

“His knowledge and experience has helped our staff members,” said Janet. “He cares about us and we care about him.” It’s great to see working relationships like this.

Congratulations, Michael!

Micheale Kroeger, Information Technologist Specialist II

Division: ITSD
Micheale Kroeger

Micheale was nominated for her dedication in advancing her skills as a team member. Recently, Micheale obtained her Project Management Professional Certification. This is a high level of achievement for team members involved in project management.

Micheale was nominated by Roseanne Boessen for this outstanding achievement and for Micheale furthering her professional growth.

Said Roseanne, “Our team here at ITSD DSS is so happy for her. Micheale is always eager to learn and try new things for herself and for our organization. She truly cares about her projects and making projects successful.”

Congratulations, Micheale!

Jase Wingate, Vehicle Mechanic

Division: General Services - Vehicle Maintenance
Jase Wingate

Jase was nominated for continually servicing the vehicles for the state of Missouri to the highest degree. During the 2019 State Fair, a few vehicles needed some last minute fixes for the trip. Each time, Jase stayed until the problem was located and the issue was resolved; even if it meant staying after hours to get the job done.

If the vehicle needed to be looked at by another vendor, Jase would make sure that it was taken care of.

Jase was nominated by Cassandra Castrop for the commitment he has for keeping customer’s satisfied.

“Jase continues to show the OA CARES approach and goes above and beyond,” said Cassandra. “He will always stay and do what is necessary to keep customer satisfaction and most importantly, safe travel for state employees.”

Thank you for keeping our employees safe.

Congratulations, Jase!

September 2019

Steve Beck, Personnel Officer

Division: Personnel
Steve Beck

Steve was nominated for helping out during a tough situation. When an OA onboarding trainer was unable to teach at the last minute, Steve quickly volunteered to take over that spot and help as a subject matter expert.

Steve was nominated by Kerri Tuttle, the Division of Personnel’s Talent Development Manager, for jumping in and doing an excellent job despite the short notice. Many of the students had already arrived and had traveled a considerable distance in order to attend, but thankfully Steve was here to save the day and allow the class to proceed. Not only did it go well, but the students gave the class great reviews.

“One attendee stated that she had gotten more out of this class than any in the past,” said Kerri. “This would never have happened without Steve’s willingness to pitch in, share his expertise, and get the job done!”

It’s great to have team members like Steve when situations like these arise.

Congratulations, Steve!

Jodi Goodrick, Accounting Generalist II

Division: Accounting

Jodi was nominated for constantly being a source of knowledge as the main contact for many divisions. Jodi is always quick to provide answers and work tirelessly to make sure their questions are resolved. Jodi constantly answers questions or directs her customers to the right person to get answers. She always follows up to make sure her customers are taken care of.

No matter the type or amount of questions that are brought to Jodi, she always remains calm and polite. Never once has Jodi made her customers feel like their questions are ridiculous. Jodi helps with anything related to accounting, budget, SAM II, Missouri Buys, and will help answer any questions that come her way. Her colleagues treat her as a hub of knowledge.

Nominated by Tammy Anderson and Jakeb Eggen from Surplus Property and Alicia Whitson from the Children’s Trust Fund, it’s evident how much these other divisions rely and appreciate her.

 “Jodi is nothing short of amazing. She has got to be the most patient individual I have ever encountered. She is the epitome of OA CARES!” Alicia said.

“We have overcome a lot of obstacles together and has been an amazing resource to rely on for great help and information,” said Jakeb.

“We all would just like her to know how much we appreciate her help and her vast knowledge of financials. She truly exemplifies all of the aspects of the OA CARES principles,” said Tammy.

Congratulations, Jodi!

Mark Long, Legal Counsel

Division: Purchasing
Mark Long

Mark was nominated for the expert advice he has given to a wide range of OA team members. Mark’s guidance has been extremely useful in winning court cases, assisting in the turn-around of struggling projects, improving vendor relations, and helping save money for the state and its citizens.

Mark is contentious, solution driven, and is always willing to take time to help team members problem solve. His fair-minded approach has allowed for better resolutions that can often create win-win situations.

His nominator said that “with Mark’s counsel and pragmatic approach, you have a sense of comfort because you know you have a real advocate on your side.”

Congratulations, Mark!

OA State Printing Team

OA State Printing Team

Dan Mustoe and the OA State Printing Team were nominated for their timely assistance fulfilling printing needs to another state agency. The State Printing Team recently took on an unexpected and urgent need to expedite an error that had been sent out in an initial notice.

Dan and his team were quick to understand the importance of this notice and worked tirelessly to make this their top priority and get it postmarked by the required date. The State Printing Team’s commitment had colleagues covering long hours to get this high-volume request completed in time.

Without their assistance and diligent work, the agency would not have met their deadline. When you look at the State Printing Team, you see what good government looks like.

August 2019

Dee Dee Balch, Risk Specialist

Division: General Services
Dee Dee Balch

Dee Dee Balch, a risk specialist with General Services, was nominated for her exceptional negotiation skills. She recently negotiated settlements for two claimants. Using her outstanding communication skills, Dee Dee offered solutions that resulted in fair and reasonable settlements for both the claimants and the State of Missouri.

Dee Dee used exceptional communication skills and knew when to compromise and when to stand firm, even though there were “out-of-norm” recommendations being discussed. Her nominator and team member in General Services, Shelly Abbett, had the opportunity to observe Dee Dee during these negotiations that resulted in a positive outcome for all parties involved.

“Since I am fairly new in offering settlement authority, this was an exceptional learning opportunity for myself,” said Shelly. “I left the negotiations with a desire to follow in her footsteps.”

Dee Dee’s ability to communicate well and offer workable solutions leading to a positive outcome for all parties involved and setting a great example for her colleagues is an ideal way to practice OA CARES.

Congratulations, Dee Dee!

Lisa Glasgow, Project Manager

Division: ITSD
Lisa Glasgow

Lisa Glasgow, a project manager with ITSD, was nominated for her expertise on a statewide project. Taking on a statewide project is no easy task and can often lead to an unhealthy amount of stress if you’re not careful. Thankfully, under Lisa’s leadership, everyone involved was quickly put at ease.

Lisa kept everyone informed throughout every step of the project; always going above and beyond to make sure people understood the process and felt comfortable throughout. Attentive and always available, she also gave the team every possible solution for any problems that arose during it. Lisa was nominated by Amanda Rule in the Commissioner’s Office for her problem-solving skills and for providing the team with her expert opinion to help them make solid and informed decisions.

“We could not have got this far in the project without her service and expertise. I have 20 years of experience in customer service and in my opinion she exemplifies the level of service that I expect from OA,” Amanda said. “Anyone who works with Lisa will know that OA cares because Lisa truly cares for her customers. She is a valuable asset to OA and the state.”

Congratulations, Lisa!

Dipendra Paudel, Accounting Specialist II

Division: Accounting
Dipendra Paudel

Dipendra Paudel, an accounting specialist, was nominated for creating greater efficiency in the Division of Accounting (and lessening their burden). His role in researching and developing coding resulted in eliminating a lot of manual effort required for several reports for his division.

Dipendra took it upon himself to research and learn how to write visual basic coding to develop a macro that could either combine multiple files into one or would separate one file into multiple files based on a chosen indicator.

Nominated by Jessica Prater with Accounting, she said that Dipendra would work on his own time to research and learn how to write code that would end up helping his division.

“In addition to using this coding for his own unit’s work, Dipendra worked with the State PCard Administrator to assist in reducing some of the work required on various tasks,” Jessica said. “He ultimately saved significant amounts of time for his co-workers in performing their daily job duties.”

Congratulations, Dipendra!

July 2019

Michelle Collier, Administrative Office Support Assistant

General Services - Surplus Property
Michelle Collier

Michelle was nominated for her ingenuity and resourcefulness. Michelle developed a PowerPoint training session on Web Data software. The software was developed so that agencies could electronically file the SS1 Form for their unwanted property.

Michelle worked to become familiar with the software, so that she could develop the PowerPoint and help train employees on the system. She was nominated by Lee Ann Braun for the steps she took to help train and educate state team members.

“When agencies have called in with questions or problems, she is friendly and eager to assist. When they call for assistance, she is helping them step-by-step,” said Claudia. “Michelle has gone above and beyond practicing the OA CARES.”

Congratulations, Michelle!

Karen Howard, Personnel Analyst III

Karen Howard

Karen was nominated for her problem solving. When the Department of Corrections recently reached out to Karen because they were having trouble filling an Accounting Clerk job vacancy, they asked if another title could be added to these jobs. By adding this title, they would be able to hire candidates who don’t have the current, specific experience.

As this wasn’t the most ideal time to make such changes, Karen offered another solution to help address the problem that DOC was facing. Karen’s efforts were noticed by her co-worker, Jennifer Evers, who nominated Karen for the OA CARES Award.

“Karen offered alternative ideas like creating training positions when needed, reallocating vacant positions to lower levels, and providing suggestions for how jobs could be advertised differently. Her response showed that she is Solution-Driven,” Jennifer said.

Congratulations, Robin!

Troy Wolken, Maintenance Supervisor I

Troy Wolken

Troy was nominated for his selfless service following the aftermath of the tornado that touched down in Jefferson City this spring. During the cleanup and repairs, Troy collaborated with numerous people and always remained calm and respectful during such a stressful time.

Nominated by Christina Butler with Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, she said Troy would stay at the Employment Security Building, which was damaged from the tornado, on Dunklin Street early in the morning to keep the building secure. He also relieved DOLIR’s staff for a couple hours so they could rest up before they had to return the next morning. This was immediately following the storm!

“He’s kept a smile on his face and maintained an upbeat, get-it-done attitude since. I can’t thank Troy enough for his tireless service to Missouri, and specifically to DOLIR,” Christina said.

Congratulations, Troy!

June 2019

Christina Brazell, Administrative Office Support Assistant

Governor's Council on Disability
Christina Brazell

Christina was nominated for her creativity, outstanding customer service, and resourcefulness. Christina has only been with the Governor’s Council on Disability since 2018, yet during that time she has suggested many new and creative ideas to her agency that have been beneficial.

It was Christina’s development of new marketing materials for her agency’s programs that have resulted in increased outreach and higher program participation. Claudia Browner, Executive Director for the Governor’s Council on Disability, nominated Christina for the OA CARES Award. Claudia noted that since Christina has been administering their agency’s annual Inclusion and Youth Leadership awards, their nominations have "increased by 60 percent because of her marketing skills."

Her positivity and hard work is also on display as she answers the Council’s phones. Christina possesses excellent customer service skills, and she goes above and beyond to find answers for each of her clients. “Christina has a very pleasant personality, a great sense of humor and we are very happy to have her on our team,” Claudia said.

Congratulations, Christina!

Robin Martin, Personnel Clerk

Division: Personnel
Robin Martin

When it comes to OA CARES core values, all of our winners possess a true sense of kindness and a dedication to make sure our customers get the best help possible. Robin was nominated by Sabrina Hill because of her compassion and empathy.

To exemplify exceptional customer service is to go above and beyond what is asked. We do not always know what our clients are going through, and sometimes something as little as listening can make a world of difference.

A team member from another department was referred to Robin because they thought she could help. Robin contacted the department to get more information, then stayed with this team member until they could find a solution. Sabrina said, "Robin didn’t have to help at all, but she did, and the employee left much better off."

Thank you and congratulations Robin!

Patrick Ruessler, Financial Manager

Division: Accounting
Patrick Ruessler

After being asked to address customer service issues a few months ago for MissouriBUYS order management, Patrick proved to be very adaptive and willing to take on this new role. Always ready to help out, Patrick even helped resolve a large backlog of MissouriBUYS ITSD tickets.

During this short time, Patrick has provided outstanding customer service addressing MissouriBUYS issues by being quick to respond and providing guidance as they work through any issues. Nominated by Jocelyn Oligschlaeger, Patrick became extremely reliable and solution-driven when customers needed help with the system.

"In a few short months Patrick has proven to be an expert in trouble-shooting and providing customer service for the system," Jocelyn said.

Congratulations, Patrick!

May 2019

Daniel Drinkard, Printing Mail Customer Service Representative

Division: General Services
Daniel Drinkard

Daniel Drinkard was nominated for an OA CARES Award in recognition of his outstanding customer service, resourcefulness, and willingness to help others in need. Daniel has been a blessing to the ITSD’s Project Management Office, said Dianna Weber, who nominated Daniel for the OA CARES Award. Daniel has repeatedly worked with the ITSD PMO to meet print deadlines for the monthly Cabinet IT Governance Council report.

Dianna said in multiple instances, the completed review of the original document would get delayed and often result in her office needing Daniel to have a quick turnaround so that they could be distributed to agency directors in time for them to review prior to meetings. Each time, Daniel has come through and saved the day.

"Dan has been helpful, accommodating, and has consistently delivered the documents to us quickly to help us meeting our deadlines," Dianna said.

Congratulations, Daniel!

Amanda Locke, Statewide Administrator, Procurement Card Program

Division: Accounting
Amanda Locke

Amanda’s communication skills, reliability, and expert knowledge are just a few reasons why she is an OA CARES Award winner. She has worked with UMB for over a year on an upgrade to its Commercial Card platform.

Nominated by Libbie Farrell from the Division of Accounting, she said Amanda worked long hours and numerous weekends to test the upgrade in order to ensure the platform would meet the needs of the state and ease the concerns of agency coordinators. Amanda even made sure to walk through the system with each agency coordinator to minimize concerns and issues before the platform was in use.

"Amanda’s dedication and diligence has eased our department’s stress of transitioning to a new system, corrected security concerns before implantation and dramatically increased the chances of a successful system," said Libbie.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Brad Stokes, Computer Information Specialist I

Division: ITSD
Brad Stokes

When technical issues need to be resolved quickly, there’s a reason why Sylvia Bonner from General Services immediately says, “Call Brad.” For four years now, Brad has been known as the team member that ensures any IT issues in General Services are promptly resolved.

In her nomination, Sylvia said Brad’s willingness to assist with all OA General Services issues are commendable. He consistently comes through for her team and provides suburb customer service for every important and urgent situation they come across.

"His proposals for any ITSD upgrades and modifications are very professional and he sees them to successful completion every time. His communication skills, reliability, willingness to adapt, and expert knowledge are why I believe he deserves to be recognized," said Sylvia.

Congratulations, Brad!

April 2019

Kelli Buffington

Kelli Buffington, Web/Graphic Designer

Division: ITSD

Kelli Buffington continues to impress her customers with her artistic talents and commitment to creating a great product — even on very tight deadlines. That’s one of the reasons she’s an OA CARES Award winner. A team member in ITSD, Kelli has become the go-to graphic designer for the Governor’s Office and Commissioner’s Office due to her consistent reliability, hard work, and creativity.

Nominated by Brittany Ruess in the Commissioner’s Office, Kelli always goes out of her way to create spectacular designs. She accomplishes this by maintaining constant contact with her customers, clarifying requests by asking necessary questions, quickly adjusting to changes, and working through any challenges.

Because of Kelli’s dependability, Brittany said she never has to worry about Kelli coming through.

"Kelli Buffington continues to come through time and time again," Brittany said in her nomination.

"Not only is Kelli able to turn around graphics quickly, she does so with the utmost professionalism. She’s an extremely talented designer." Not only does Kelli exemplify OA CARES, but she also makes our world more beautiful.

Congratulations, Kelli!

Gail Jones

Gail Jones, Accounting Clerk

Division: Accounting

Gail Jones’ attention to detail and exceptional communication skills are just a couple reasons she was chosen to receive the OA CARES Award. On the Division of Accounting team, Gail has been very reliable when serving her fellow colleagues and customers, including vendors.

Jocelyn Oligschlaeger, Gail’s co-worker, nominated her for the OA CARES Award after she caught a fraud attempt on a vendor while reviewing documentation from the vendor that was submitted to OA.

"She reached out by phone to the vendor to verify that they were trying to change their banking," Jocelyn said in her nomination form. "She noticed that the email address was not formatted the same as what we had on file and the form was missing a signature from the financial institution."

Gail’s attention to detail was key in this situation because the only difference between the email on the documentation and the actual email address was a hyphen. When she contacted the vendor, the vendor verified that they had not seen the form and expressed their sincere appreciation. Great catch, Gail!

Congratulations, Gail!

Tammy Sommerer

Tammy Sommerer, Information Technology Specialist I

Division: ITSD

Described as a courteous and determined professional, Tammy Sommerer is a deserving recipient of the OA CARES Award. She maintains vigilant communication as she provides excellent service to her customers.

Not only does Tammy exhibit the Communication core value, but she also exemplifies the Solution-Driven core value. Tammy was nominated by her fellow ITSD team member Stephen Fullerton. In his nomination, Stephen said Tammy went above and beyond to help him resolve an issue.

When Stephen’s team finally received approval to move forward with an issue, Tammy quickly adapted to the situation by hopping on a conference call from her home office, after hours. Tammy was always readily available for Stephen and his team whenever they had a question or needed additional information.

"She worked from every angle to expertly help us with our connection issue and, in turn, helped get our customers back in service," Stephen said in his nomination. “She strived to find the solution to the issue even after it seemed we were getting nowhere.”

Congratulations Tammy!

March 2019

OA Carpool Team

OA Carpool Team

Division: General Services
Nominated by: Cindy Dixon

The OA Carpool is a 24/7 motor pool used by state employees for official travel. OA Carpool Team members are always 'on call' to help our customers after hours with questions, if they have a mechanical issue with the vehicle, or have been in an accident.

Nominated by General Services Director Cindy Dixon, she said the team does it without complaint and makes sure its customers feel well cared for during sometimes challenging and stressful situations.

In the summer of 2017, a survey of the pool identified a few areas that needed attention. Sylvia Bonner, OA Carpool Manager stepped up and made changes to improve communication, vehicle cleanliness, and the reservation system. The team worked to make improvements.

In a 2018 survey, customers ranked their overall satisfaction with the pool at 4.3 out of 5 with 5 being the highest.

"I applaud the dedication of this team,” Cindy said. "Their work never stops at 5:00 p.m. They are dedicated to providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use travel solution for our customers. They deserve a special recognition."

Congratulations, OA Carpool Team!

Ashlei Williams

Ashlei Williams, Personnel Analyst

Division: Personnel
Nominated by: Mindy Allen, Personnel

Ashlei’s dedication to going above and beyond for her customers helped earn her an OA CARES Award. She always works hard to ensure her customers’ needs are met. In the Division of Personnel, she works with individuals — both state employees and the general public — who are applying for state jobs.

Mindy Allen, also in the Division of Personnel, nominated Ashlei for the award. She said Ashlei always provides thorough and accurate answers so customers understand the application process. Mindy also said Ashlei isn’t afraid to admit when she doesn’t immediately have an answer, but works diligently to find it and respond back to the customer.

“Recently, Ashlei exhibited a great deal of patience and caring with an applicant who was not computer savvy,” Mindy said. “She made sure the applicant submitted all the material needed for the position. She took the time to listen and communicate respectfully.”

Additionally, Ashlei regularly deals with customers who ask very similar questions and she treats each with respect, showing care for all.

“Ashlei is a great asset to recruitment efforts of state agencies and to the job-seeking citizens of Missouri,” Mindy said.

Congratulations, Ashlei!

Stacy Strope

Stacy Strope, Computer Information Specialist I

Division: ITSD
Nominated by: Carmela Thornton, Office of Equal Opportunity

Stacy’s communication skills, reliability, willingness to adapt, and expert knowledge are some reasons why she is an OA CARES Award winner. Stacy has worked closely with OA’s Office of Equal Opportunity as it improves its online certification system to better serve customers.

Nominated by OEO Director Carmela Thornton, she said Stacy’s recommended solutions are helping OEO prioritize parts of the project as well as determine the best methods to minimize negative impact or disruptions to the office’s daily process.

“Her extensive knowledge of the system is helping our program to be adaptive in our approach to create an exceptional experience for all of our stakeholders,” Carmela. “I think one of the best things about working with Stacy is that we can always depend on her to complete the tasks as promised.”

Congratulations, Stacy!

Wade Loar

Wade Loar, Information Technologist with End User Support

Division: ITSD
Nominated by: Brandi Caruthers, Personnel

In everything he does, Wade Loar shows that he has customer service in mind. Wade has become one of the go-to team members in ITSD to help others with technical support. He is only a phone call away when customers need his help, and he always responds to their needs very quickly. Meeting with customers, Wade greets them with a friendly smile.

In the nomination from Brandi Caruthers in Personnel, she remarked that Wade always communicates the issue to her and helps her understand her options.

Brandi said, “It is very clear that Wade CARES about his customers. On numerous occasions, I have had to call him for technical assistance, and every time I call he drops whatever it is he was doing to assist me.”

Congratulations, Wade!

February 2019

Pamela McQuary

Pamela McQuary, Administrative Assistant

Division: Budget & Planning
Nominated by: Daniel Lensing, Budget & Planning

As the administrative assistant for OA’s Budget & Planning Office, Pamela has the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to help others in need. Team members throughout OA and state government rely on Pamela to get the job done in a diligent manner. She exemplifies what OA CARES stands for by always being responsive to any requests and providing necessary communication.

Pamela was nominated by Daniel Lensing for her dedication to assisting budget analysts during critical times, which is quite common during the budget creation process. "I needed edits made at the last minute on my House Bill just before 5 p.m. on a Friday and she quickly made the edits for me so I could get it submitted to our Assistant Director to review over the weekend. It made my life much easier and allowed me to go home to see my wife and son sooner," said Daniel.

Pamela is always selfless and professional, and she is very deserving of an OA CARES Award.

Congratulations, Pamela!

Janice Roark

Janice Roark, Information Technology Specialist II

Division: ITSD
Nominated by: Dianne Beasley, FMDC

Janice Roark is a dedicated member of the ITSD team. She was nominated for the OA CARES Award after demonstrating time and time again that not only can she quickly accommodate her customers’ needs, but she also can find the best solution to an issue. Even on a tight deadline, Janice thrives. She dives into challenges and works closely with her colleagues and customers to offer solutions. Janice’s customers receive the end result they desire thanks to her efforts to constantly communicate with them.

Nominated by Dianne Beasley from FMDC, Janice was able to help Dianne rectify an issue regarding email distribution lists. Dianne needed to implement the Hazardous Weather Policy and part of that process is sending an email to a large distribution list. Janice pulled in her team and was able to help Dianne send an email within minutes, which was crucial given the weather conditions.

Dianne said, "Janice cares about her customers and is always cheerful and solution-driven. She is the ultimate symbol of what OA CARES is all about."

Congratulations, Janice!

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson, Information Technology Specialist II

Division: ITSD
Nominated by: Brandi Caruthers, Personnel

Chris’ continuous communication with customers and ability to implement solutions to any challenge are just two reasons why he’s an OA CARES Award winner. On the ITSD Telecommunications team, Chris has been a huge asset to customers as they transition to a new conference call and phone system. He’s gone above and beyond the standard over-the-phone conversation by also offering his customers in-person training on the new system.

Chris was nominated by Brandi Caruthers in Personnel for his friendly and quick response time in answering any questions. "He has been picking up the phone and calling all of these customers to answer their questions while coming up with a perfect solution that we encountered along the way."

Congratulations, Chris!

January 2019

Allana Carlton

Allana Carlton, Administrative Office Support Assistant

Division: FMDC
Nominated by: Jessica Caddell, General Services

Allana’s outstanding assistance to a new employee earned her the OA CARES Customer Service Award for January 2019. A dedicated team member of FMDC, Allana helped new General Services team member Jessica Caddell use Archibus to schedule meetings for the OA CARES tour.

Jessica called Allana asking for help with using the scheduling software. Not only did Allana walk Jessica through the process over the phone, she also offered to sit with Jessica in-person and show her how to best use the system. The next day, Allana met with Jessica for 45 minutes and trained her on Archibus.

Impressed with Allana’s knowledge and desire to help, Jessica decided to nominate her for the OA CARES Customer Service award.

"I appreciate Allana’s willingness to go above and beyond to help me out," Jessica said in her nomination.

Congratulations, Allana!

Kathy Hearod

Kathy Hearod, Information Technologist IV

Division: ITSD
Nominated by: Robin J. Goss and Fairelyn K. Bayless, Department of Social Services

Kathy Hearod with ITSD is the first OA CARES Customer Service Award winner to be nominated by State of Missouri team members from outside the Office of Administration. Nominated by not only one, but two of her customers from the Department of Social Services, Kathy has proven to be a dependable and dedicated ITSD team member.

In her nomination, Robin J. Goss with DSS said Kathy has done an outstanding job helping her office transition to Windows 10.

"She has worked tirelessly and cheerfully for long periods of time and helps everyone," Robin said. "We appreciate all her help. She gets to our tickets quickly as well."

Fairelyn K. Bayless with DSS said Kathy came through for her on a particularly busy day. Fairelyn had maxed out on computer space and to make matters worse, she could not pull up the ITSD website to log a ticket. Calling the 1-800 phone number, Fairelyn received some help but still couldn’t access her computer because of the memory issue. Her problem was referred up the chain of command.

"I honestly thought my day, my computer, and my work was shot, when out-of-the-blue Ms. Hearod emailed me and gave me a few ideas. She then asked for my computer name. I gave it to her and promptly got to work on what little computer tasks I could find," Fairelyn said. "In what seemed like a few seconds, I saw Ms. Hearod had emailed me again with the wonderful news that she had fixed my space issues and I was free to create my database and lists once more. I want to thank her for going above and beyond on a busy holiday Friday to make my life and my work much, much easier."

Congratulations, Kathy!

Glenda Vanderfeltz

Glenda Vanderfeltz, Automation Manager

Division: Purchasing
Nominated by: Courtney Stalter, Purchasing

A reliable team member in the Purchasing division, Glenda Vanderfeltz sets a great example for others by demonstrating the OA CARES core values every day. Courtney Stalter with Purchasing and Glenda’s colleague, nominated her for the award.

In her nomination, Courtney said Glenda has become the go-to person for all Purchasing staff and those in other departments only after one interaction with her. Glenda has gotten to know team members in other state departments through her involvement with MissouriBUYS.

"She has that personality that you can ask her something and even if your request isn’t in her area of knowledge, she will find you the answer without any hesitation," Courtney said.

Recently, there has been a need to provide contract/solicitation training for other departments and Glenda volunteered to lead the training. She goes out of her way to hold training sessions in the MOTECH building or the offices of agencies requesting the training. Her classes are fully enrolled, and for those she knows on the "wait list," Glenda proactively reaches out to them to schedule another class at time that works for many.

"Glenda is a role model for OA CARES!" Courtney said.

Congratulations, Glenda!

December 2018

Lisa Bacon

Lisa Bacon, Accountant II

Division: Accounting
Nominated by: Nicole Kliegel, General Services

Lisa Bacon’s commitment to helping others is one of the reasons she was selected as a December 2018 OA CARES award winner. Nominated by her colleague Nicole Kliegel, Lisa has helped Nicole get acclimated to the accounting functions in her new role.

In her nomination, Nicole said she had a lot to learn when she started with State Printing — even with her prior experience with ITSD Fiscal Services and an accounting background. As she’s taken on her new position with State Printing, Nicole said Lisa has been there for her every step of the way.

“Lisa Bacon has gone above and beyond to help me be successful in my new position,” Nicole said in her nomination submission. “She takes time out of her very busy day to answer my questions. She is flexible with her time to be accommodating to help me walk through different scenario, so that I can come up with the right answer myself. She is the most knowledgeable person I know within OA regarding policies and procedures and will not stray away from the right thing to do.”

Lisa is also very committed to learning and sharing her knowledge to find the best solutions.

“I couldn’t think of a more deserving person,” Nicole said of Lisa.

Congratulations, Lisa!

Dale Cassmeyer

Dale Cassmeyer, Manager, Project Management Construction Administration Unit

Division: FMDC
Nominated by: Tina Brown, FMDC

Dale Cassmeyer has always been demonstrating the core values of OA CARES — even before OA CARES existed.

He is a section leader for the Construction Administrators and handles the Harry S. Truman Building exterior repairs project, a high-priority project, as both the construction administrator and project manager. While Dale has exhibited the OA CARES core values in his daily work, he has shown exceptional customer service with this particular project.

Demonstrating the Communication core value, Dale regularly responds to concerns of safety, noise, and more from citizens and fellow State of Missouri team members.

For the other core values, this is what Tina had to say about Dale:
    Adaptive: “The project is very challenging. You have to be able to change tactics at any given moment.”
    Reliable: “Dale is reliable, dependable, and has integrity. If Dale is going to do something, he does it.”
    Expert and Solution-driven: “Dale has had other positions, which help with knowing options. He listens, asks questions, and can be objective. Dale is very willing to think outside the box and does what it takes to come up with the best solution.”

To sum it all up, Tina said: “Dale is the epitome of OA CARES.”

Congratulations, Dale!

Theresa Wade

Theresa Wade, Printing/Mail Technician II

Division: General Services/Central Mail Services
Nominated by: Alicia Whitson, Children’s Trust Fund (CTF)

Theresa Wade goes above and beyond as a team member in Mail Services. Her superior customer service and creative thinking has saved CTF thousands of dollars since she joined the mailroom in 2013.

Alicia Whitson, Planner I, said Theresa took it upon herself to start mailing CTF’s literature out as media/education mail, savings the agency about $2 per package. CTF ships between 50-100 packages every month, the amount depending on the time of the year.

Theresa brought the cost savings to the attention of CTF without being asked, Alicia said in her nomination. Additionally, Theresa never complains when CTF brings her more than 50 packages to mail.

“She is always timely. In fact, she will check in if we haven’t had a mailing in a while,” Alicia said. “She is always friendly and wears her smile proudly…You can tell that while she may not always enjoy all the tasks of her job, she makes the best of it and puts OA employees first. Thank you, Theresa, for a job well done!”

Congratulations, Theresa!